What do women want in a man?

It’s a big question, and difficult to answer. Based on many years of dating experience, I’ve come to realise what I definitely don’t want in a man – other people’s answers may vary. Here’s my two pennies worth.

Men who lack ambition

– I find this deeply, deeply unappealing in a man. This has taken several men past the point of no return for me. Sorry guys, it’s just not attractive. Sloth-like men who watch Netflix all day, move aside!! Bring on clever men who work in the public sector and are training for a marathon!!

Bottom line – I work hard at my job, and I don’t want to date a slob.

Men who are not sporty

– This may be unfair, but sorry – boys, we want you to be sporty!! I’ve never found men more attractive than fresh off the football field, sweaty, muddy and elated with victory. But if the idea of going for a run fills you with dread, then fear not. Even doing something like the batman workout (yes it’s a thing) is better than nothing.

Bottom line – Take up a sport. Any sport. Pronto.

Men who drink too much

. Like all the time – I love going out for drinks. Prosecco, gin, Malbec, hit me up, I’m your girl. And modern-day dating seems to be a pretty alcohol-saturated affair, for me at least. A few glasses of wine to break the ice, some delicious cocktails to liven the mood. It’s a fine but definite line between social drinker and just a bit of a problem. But it’s one that should definitely not be crossed.

Bottom line – There’s being drunk and fun, and then there’s just being a drunk.

Men who tell you to use your ‘assets’ to get drinks quicker in the bar queue

– What the hell?!

Bottom line – Never say this to a girl, ever.