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Dating advice for men: Women’s biggest turn-offs revealed

Dating advice for men: Women’s biggest turn-offs revealed

When dating a woman for the first time, it can be hard to tell what exactly she’s looking for in a dating partner. That’s why, when it comes to making a first impression, it’s a good idea to take this dating advice: consider what she won’t want. This is easier than you think – there are a few traits in a man that will make most women want to run for the hills. Here we reveal what women really don’t want, and why.

1. A dull dating companion

Being dull just doesn’t bode well for romance; a man with no energy or enthusiasm about life is a huge turn-off for women. This is because one of the top traits women look for in a man is passion, whether it’s to do with a hobby, a sport, or what he does for a living. Having a passion for life is an incredibly attractive trait and will draw people towards you and show them that you’re a cut above the average guy. So if you’ve got a passion for surfing, photography or playing the electric guitar don’t be afraid to share it with your date. You’ll be surprised to see how interested she’ll be in what makes you tick.

2. A man who doesn’t care about his appearance

It’s one thing to be relaxed about personal grooming and, let’s face it, a bit of stubble now and then can be a definite positive. But the sad truth is that a man who fails to care about his appearance is also likely to fail in love. This isn’t because all women are shallow and want a Brad Pitt lookalike; it’s because appearance speaks volumes about how a person relates to the world, and communicates a multitude of subtle, subliminal messages. If your overall message is: ‘I don’t care about how I look’, your chances of attracting a mate will usually plummet.

3. Someone who lacks generosity

This is a real deal breaker. It’s not that women are after a man with bags of money, miserly tendencies in a man can be a huge turn-off for potential partners. This doesn’t mean that you have to put your hand in your pocket to pay for every date, but if a man is mean with his money, many women can assume that he’ll be mean with other things as well, such as his time. Top dating advice: choose date venues that you and your date can comfortably afford rather than going over the top on the first date and being cheap on subsequent dates. You’ll feel better, and you and your date will know exactly where you stand.

4. A dating partner with no sense of humour

Sense of humour isn’t just about the ability to tell a good joke – it also means being able to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously. Be warned: a man who fusses about the small stuff, or is too serious about life, may be unconsciously turning off potential dates. Good dating advice here is to keep things fun – stay off gloomy topics like break-ups and work gripes, and she’ll enjoy your company a lot more.

5. A man who lacks confidence

Women are turned on by confidence, and turned off by a lack of it. Give yourself a pep talk before a big date to make sure you’re confident when it comes to the little things – choosing where to go, knowing what you want on the menu and dressing smartly are all good ways to show you mean business and aren’t afraid to show it. If you need an extra helping hand thinking about how to present yourself on the date itself, why not check out some of our other articles?

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