Dating advice for men: How to tell if you’ve messed up a first date


Want to know how to mess up a first date? It’s easy to do; talk too much or send your date to sleep and you may feel like you’ve caused irreparable damage to your budding romance. Help is at hand though – if you know which blunders to avoid the next time, you’ll instantly improve your chances of success in the future. You’ll know you’ve messed up a date if you happened to commit any of the following mortal dating sins:



Dating blunder: You were late for the date


Our advice:

If you showed up late and kept the object of your affections waiting, you may have created a bad first impression. If they seemed out of sorts, it’s because they probably were. A profuse apology followed by a legitimate excuse should be enough to smooth things over, but a word of warning for men: if you’re the laid back type, and your date’s feathers were truly ruffled by your tardiness, you may not be as compatible as you thought.



Dating blunder: You did all the talking and forgot to ask her about herself

Our advice:

You did what? Oopsie. Taking over the conversation is a big no no in the world of dating etiquette, particularly for men. If you talked mostly about yourself, deduct double points, because this is not only irritating but makes you look like your head is the size of a football. To make amends, send a post-date text to say you how much you enjoyed yourself and that you can’t wait to talk about her some more the next time.



Dating blunder: You were rude to the waiting staff

Our advice:

Oh dear. Rudeness to those waiting on you could signify to your date that you’re a bit spoilt. It might also mean you don’t have any manners or have a short fuse. Your date may begin to suspect you’re one of those men who has little respect for women. There isn’t much you can do about this except make sure you’re the picture of politeness if you’re lucky enough to win a second date.



Dating blunder: You talked about your ex, marriage or babies

Our advice:

Three things you least want to hear your date talking about, especially on a first date. Airing your dirty laundry isn’t cool when it comes to a past relationship. You wouldn’t dream of complaining about your last boss in a job interview, so why would you make the same blunder on a date? Keep conversation light and gripe free if you want to get ahead in the dating department. Babies and marriage? Don’t go there either unless you want to see your date running a marathon in the opposite direction.



Dating blunder: You made boring conversation

Our advice:

Not the most disastrous of dating sins but still likely to lessen your chances of a second date. If you talked lengthily about your comic book collection or that book you’re reading on the life cycle of the dung beetle, you have most certainly made a boo boo. Again, the post date text comes in handy here as a chance to up your game and claw your way back to being witty entertaining. Good luck.