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Fun dating ideas in Manchester

Fun dating ideas in Manchester

Tired of the same old dating routine? Fear not, because if you live in Manchester there are dozens of option open to you for fun alternative dates. Below are just some of the things you could get up to with the object of your affections.

Plan a treasure hunt around Manchester with your date

Exploring the streets of Manchester can be tough if you don’t know where you’re going, but what if you had a treasure hunt map to do it for you? The treasure hunt has enjoyed a renaissance of late, with the option of downloading the hunts onto smart phones or printing them from the web. These activity dates are great ice breakers for those first few weeks of dating. Answer questions or cryptic clues on the sights around you and the treasure hunt will do the rest by guiding you towards things in the city you may never have noticed before.

Get out of Manchester city centre and go zorbing with your date

If you’re prepared to go a little off the beaten track then head South of Manchester to Macclesfield, where you and your date can do what’s known as Eclipse sphereing (or Zorbing as its sometimes called) in complete darkness. Strapped inside a giant plastic ball you’ll each roll at high speed down a hill with the added thrill of it being the middle of the night and very, very dark. There’s also the option to do this in the day time in water (Aqua sphereing) or on land. This could be one of the most fun filled dates you’ve ever had if you’re prepared to take a tumble or two into the unknown.

Take your date to one of Manchester’s many indoor Go Karting tracks

One for the boys perhaps, but nonetheless one of the most fun dates in Manchester. There are several places around the city which offer Go Karting, most of them indoors – for example, Daytona. Whizzing around a race track with your date could be a great demonstration of your joie de vivre; if your date’s adrenaline isn’t pumping after this, you may want to check if they actually have a pulse.

Manchester is more than just concrete – Go orienteering with your date

Perfect for leisurely dates, Manchester’s Heaton Park has its own specially designed Orienteering course with seven different levels to tackle, depending on how long you’d like to roam around getting to know each other. This is a great alternative to a stroll or a picnic and could be a sneaky test of how well you can both work as a team. Bring a picnic to munch on and a glass of something fizzy to reward yourselves afterwards for successfully navigating the acres of parkland.

Dating a football lover? Treat them to a match at Manchester’s famous Old Trafford

Lastly, going to see a match at Old Trafford is one thing it would be rude not to do at least once in Manchester. Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, the atmosphere at a premier league match is often electric and potential dates will be in awe at the sheer number of people that the stadium can cram in at one time. This is a great opportunity for some WAG spotting and a beer or two with your partner to be.

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