You might be head-over-heels in love now, but will your relationship stand the test of time? Real relationships need to be strong enough to last when the going gets tough. Here are the ten biggest tests you’re likely to go through as a couple.

Moving house
If you can pack, shift boxes and liaise with estate agents and/or lawyers – not to mention survive in the new property until the internet is connected – and still want to live together then you deserve many years of co-habiting happiness.

Planning a wedding
Ironic, this one, but it’s amazing how many couples reach breaking point while planning their own nuptials. Think of all those decisions that need to be made, the potential disputes over the guest list, and the sneaking suspicion your other half isn’t pulling his or her weight. It’s a wonder anyone ever makes it down the aisle!

Having children
New parents rarely regret their predicament, but a child-free life seems like paradise when you’re sleep-deprived and more likely to be changing nappies than lavishing each other with attention. Make the most of your time alone while you have it to prepare for the times ahead.

So common in today’s tough times, but still extremely difficult if you or your partner goes through it. There’s the instant panic about money, the change in routine, and the inevitable blow to confidence that comes with the process, but the constant of a strong relationship can be a comfort.

Death of a loved one
Love can take a back seat when someone close to your partner dies. But if you’re there to cook the food, order the flowers and hold them when they need to sob it out, your relationship might end up stronger than ever.

It’s certainly true love if, once you’ve seen your partner surrounded by snotty tissues or vomiting down the toilet, you still fancy them. But have you thought about how you might cope if the illness was a serious one?

Drug/alcohol problems
You and your partner might enjoy a few drinks now and again, but if their partying becomes addictive and sad, will you be there to help them through it? Addiction might change their personality and lead to a string of unacceptable behaviour and broken promises.

Money issues
Money can’t buy you love or bring you happiness but it can make life a damn sight easier. So it can take a strong relationship to find a way to thrive, even when money’s tight, whereas reckless spending or dishonesty are sure-fire ways to make your partner see red.

If your partner is unfortunate enough to be victim to a crime, it takes true love and understanding to support them through the subsequent trauma, dealings with the police and the court system. It’s when they’ll need you more than ever.

Similarly, if they hurt themselves and are ordered to rest, will you be there with the magazines and podcasts, or hold their bags while they hobble around on crutches? And would they do the same for you?