We reveal the 10 things your lover is most likely to get up to when you’re not there…
You might think you know everything about your partner, but do you really know what he or she gets up to the moment you two part company? Here, our super-spy reports on the top 10 things going on while your back is turned…

1. Using your toiletries
Take a good look at those expensive toiletries you’ve been eking out since last Christmas. Can you be sure the moisturiser is as the same level as you left it? And has that fancy shower gel bottle been opened on the sly? Chances are your partner thinks these nice products will go to waste if left to you to use them and, if it wasn’t for reading this, you’d be none the wiser!

2. Nicking your clothes
Remember that lovely scarf that keeps you warm like nothing else and which you can’t find? And those gloves your mum got you last Christmas and which have been at the back of your wardrobe all year? Next time your partner comes through that door looking nice and toasty despite the gale, you’ll know why.

3. Chucking out your underwear
Similarly, does your underwear drawer seem less loaded down than usual? Though you might love your comfy pants, what’s to stop your partner rooting through your most greying pair and chucking out the worst offenders?

4. Seeing an ex-partner
Brace yourself, but your partner could be seeing their ex behind your back. Not in a dodgy way, necessarily, but maybe the two of them are just catching up or tying up loose ends. You partner may not have any feelings for the ex any more, but sometimes it’s easier not to tell you about the meeting than to risk upsetting you.

5. Cheating on the diet
If you and your partner are on a couple’s health-kick, with regular gym sessions and a ban on junk food, don’t always trust your other half to be as diligent as you are. It’s highly probable the diet’s for show and, behind your back, he or she is scoffing chocolate and downing pints are per usual.

6. Reading your texts and emails
You might be a secure and loving relationship, but natural curiosity is bound to raise its head, even in the happiest of pairings. Leave your phone or iPad out at your peril, because if it’s not passcode protected (or if your partner knows your passcode) its presence on the coffee table is like an invitation to snoop.

7. Smoking
Does your partner sometimes come to meet you smelling minty fresh? If you’re proud of him or her for kicking the habit, your other half may be too ashamed to admit to lighting up after a few drinks or during a particularly stressful day.

8. Drinking
If your partner has been out with mates and returns in high spirits while you’ve been sitting at home by yourself, you can safely multiply the number of drinks he or she claims to have drunk by three. And that’s not counting the flaming sambuca that sounded like a fabulous idea at last orders.

9. Getting soppy
It’s not just naughty stuff your partner does behind your back. He or she doesn’t want you to know this but, sometimes – when you’re out – your other half goes through the old emails and texts you sent when you two were first going out, and flicks through pictures of you on Facebook. Aww!

10. Planning a surprise
And on another nice note, if your partner’s acting a bit shifty all of a sudden, what’s to say there’s not a surprise for you in the making? A birthday party, Christmas treat or Valentine’s Day special could be in the offing and he or she doesn’t want you to find out about it.