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    Why Use Match as Your Milton Keynes Dating Site?

    Whether you’re gay or straight, if you’re single, based in Milton Keynes and looking to date, Match helps you find local dates based on shared interests, from art to music and other passions. Once you have found an ideal match you share interests with using our Milton Keynes dating site, there are many straight and gay dating Milton Keynes romance opportunities, from cinema and museum visits to long country walks or an elegant evening at a cocktail bar.

    Ideas for Straight and Gay Dating in Milton Keynes

    The beauty of dating in Milton Keynes is that it can be as diverse or as niche as you like. Once you register your account, sexual preference and location with Match, you’ll be the first to hear about the widely popular Match nights and socials in your area. In the meantime, listed below are several date ideas perfect for a variety of experiences with Milton Keynes singles.


    Arguably, music and food are the two most universal interests. Few things can bond a potential romantic couple more than discovering a new music artist together and sharing in a live experience. Even if you’re both into different genres, the Venn diagram can overlap over wine, pizza and a new band.

    • MK11 Live Music Venue & Sports Bar

    This lively pub frequently hosts open-mic nights and up-and-coming musicians whose sounds you’re welcome to enjoy over the snooker table with a pint in hand. Collective football viewing nights and tribute acts also appear on the roster of evenings hosted.

    • Unit Nine Live Music Venue

    Renowned for their wicked sound system, Unit Nine is perfect for those into heavier sounds like electronica and house. That said, don’t be intimidated; it’s a small and intimate venue ideal for couples and small groups of friends to bond over music, and conversations can still be held over a glass of wine.

    • The Craufurd Arms

    This stunning, nostalgic and intimate Victorian pub boasts a small stage for acoustic and local acts. Stained-glass windows and high wooden chairs give a Les Misérables feel, ideal for a romantic evening accompanied by music.


    A cinema or museum trip is particularly great for those who may sit on the shyer side of the fence. Absorbing culture while watching a film or walking through an exhibition allows for some silence, reflection and introspection. It also provides a great conversation starting point for that chat over coffee post-movie or show.

    • Milton Keynes Museum

    Unbelievably charming, this Victorian farmhouse features live horses and stunning gardens to take you through the Victorian heritage of the area. It also features a TARDIS for Doctor Who lovers! Get to know more about the charm of Milton Keynes at its dedicated museum.

    • The National Museum of Computing

    Essentially demonstrating the history of the computer, this national museum will make you feel nostalgic for simpler times while also inspiring you with the amazing story of the 20th century’s technological advancements. For those tech aficionados out there, you’ll know if you have found your special someone after a walk around this museum together.

    • Vintage Open-Air Cinema

    Take yourself back in time on a romantic ’50s-style date with the Vintage Open-Air Cinema in Milton Keynes. Showcasing classics from Pulp Fiction to Dirty Dancing, drive in with your car and you’ll be summer lovin’ in no time!


    Despite being a large town, Milton Keynes offers an array of natural beauty. Dates in nature can get creative, from botanical gardens to outdoor exhibitions. So, pack your flask and take in the fresh air.

    • Elfield Nature Park

    Walk over an enchanting bridge surrounded by greenery as you lose yourself in Elfield’s natural beauty. Sip from your flask as you look over the lake graced with diverse water plants and let your inner child loose as you climb a variety of trees!

    • Willen Lake

    This waterfront park offers various sports facilities and a charming miniature railway. Stroll through the Japanese garden and transport yourselves to an ideal romantic and surreal setting as you get to know each other. When you get tired of walking, feed the ducks and then feed yourselves by grabbing a slice of cake at the local café!

    • Campbell Park

    This public park is perfect for a romantic picnic with its large amount of green space, water features, beautiful views of the woods and a cricket pitch that often hosts events and festivals.

    Casual Restaurants

    Ah, the dinner date! Arguably the most popular of all the date categories. However, the struggle early on can be finding the perfect balance between smart and casual. A setting that feels too posh can be awkward and intimidating, but a fast-food chain equally does not allow for comfortable conversation to flow. Here are some picks that perfectly strike that balance:

    • Brasserie Blanc

    If you fancy a classy night of French dining, Brasserie Blanc is the place to enjoy a taste of Parisian romance. Devised by iconic celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, enjoy French classics in a beautiful, glass-focused, open space. The perfect blend of posh and casual.

    • Fireaway

    The owner of this authentically Italian spot has been offering the pizza recipe that his Nonna brought from the Amalfi Coast of Italy in the 1950s since 2016. Fireaway uses quality ingredients sourced from the UK and Italy, so you get little or no grease on your pizza, helping you maintain an elegant facade for that first date!

    • The Hub Milton Keynes

    From bottomless brunch to two-for-one cocktail offers, The Hub is a collective area of various restaurants, mostly chains, in central Milton Keynes. So, you can order your favourite meal at your go-to restaurant to make for a worry-free date.

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