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The Pick-Up Lines you NEED to know: How to get the guy

The Pick-Up Lines you NEED to know: How to get the guy

It may not be the fairy-tale set-up we envisioned, but with opportunities to meet new people fizzing around us all the time, we would hate for you to let the Channing Tatum look-a-like at the bar pass you by. Whether you’re a confident straight-talker or a demure seductress, every girl needs a killer pick-up line in her repertoire for a fail-safe way to approach a guy. We’ve compiled our top 5 pick-up lines he won’t be able to resist, so stay cool under pressure and get the guy.

Top 5 Pick-Up Lines

1 The Dummy

“I’ve lost my phone, can you call it to see if it rings?” This pick-up line plays on the classic goal to swap digits. However, instead of trying to get his number, why not slip him yours? He’ll quickly catch on what’s happening and won’t believe his luck. Highlight: The smile across his face when he realises you were putting on the damsel routine to give him your number.

2. The Fly-by

Sometimes the key to a great pick-up line is not in the words, but in the delivery. Inspiration: Sandy leading Danny through the funhouse circa 1950. With sultry eye-contact, a seductive smile and a simple “hi” as you brush past in the bar/fairground, you’ll be amazed at what this teaser pick-up line can do. The fly-by is friendly on the nerves too, as you’ll already be walking/strutting past before he has time to formulate a response. After dropping your chemistry fuelled pick-up line, simply sit back and wait for him to walk over to continue the conversation. Top tip: don’t stray too far, you want him to find you again!

3. The Acquaintance

A sultry flutter of lashes and the killer pick-up line: “Have we met before? I feel like we’ve met somewhere, but I can’t place you in my mind…” If he’s savvy he’ll play along; if he’s a sweetheart he may genuinely doubt his memory. Don’t spin too hardy a yarn, and move the conversation along to something more tangible such as a comment about the music or venue. With open body language and smiles, the conversation will keep going and the rest is up to you!

4. The Cher

We’re not talking pop diva, we’re talking dating tips from our favourite 90s girl, Cher from Clueless. Remember the scene when she drops her pink fluffy tipped pen in class for Christian to pick up? That wasn’t accidental. A perfectly placed falling object can be the perfect way to get a gentleman helper’s attention. OK, so maybe it’s not technically a pick-up line, but it takes hard work to orchestrate these meet cutes .

5. The Hustla

Turn up the Queen B when getting ready to remind yourself of the immortal words ‘diva is a female version of a hustla…’ . Confidence=sex appeal so ignite your inner diva and deliver the straight-talking pick-up line: “Can I buy you a drink?”. This pick-up line had to be on our list for its simplistic no-nonsense approach. Just don’t get stuck being his sugar momma for the whole night. What are you waiting for? Go forth and don’t let the guy you fancy pass you by. Still looking for pick-up line inspiration? Why not check out our ultimate guide to pick-up lines for men and women. Used one of these lines before? Why not apply to be a real life dating blogger? We’d love to hear your story.

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