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Pick-up lines: the ultimate guide

Pick-up lines: the ultimate guide

Sometimes you are just a question away from starting a relationship. So what stops us? Striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know can often be nerve-wracking, but every great adventure starts, to quote one famous explorer, with “one small step.” To help you on your mission, we’ve listed the best pick-up lines so you can lead a conversation and start something great.

Top 10 pick-up lines

1. The Upfront:

Hello, my name is James… This upfront pick-up line might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s risky, but it can pay off. With the right tone, the right energy and smile, just a simple introduction can be all you need to open up a conversation. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

2. The Flatterer:

You have a lovely… Smile, coat, hairstyle … it doesn’t matter, the important thing is the compliment … Its classic, but this pick-up line really works. The trick is not to overdo it, and steer clear of her figure, however curvaceous. Think outside the box with this pick-up line; could you flatter her choice of book, or her flavour of beverage? Even complimenting your surroundings, for example: “it’s such nice weather today”, shows her that you appreciate the little things and builds up a positive atmosphere for your conversation to blossom in.

3. The Sincere:

I just had to talk to you This pick-up line must only ever be used sparingly, when you really mean it. Over-use at your peril. However, if your lady reads that you are sincere, your fearlessness and courage will pay off twofold.

4. The Crazy:

Have you ever eaten stingray? This may seem an unconventional pick-up line, but the key here is in the personality. Strange culinary expeditions can be great talking points and offer striking originality. The idea: to play the Jim Carey card and arouse curiosity with the absurd with a striking pick-up line that will make them think. Get her thinking about the question, and you’ll have her interested in you and what you have to say. There’s nothing like a little unexpected surprise to inject some excitement into a normal day.

5. The Original:

Would you like to go for some tea? Coffee conjures images of anxiety and early mornings; tea can open up a conversation like a flower in hot water. Tea is subtle, elegant and relaxing. A pot of tea is something shared and savoured. Sit down for a while and put a hold on the coffee rush with a pick-up line to dispel anxiety and make her open up.

6. The Cheeky:

Sorry, can you hold this for a second? This pick-up line is best used in a packed bar. Girls are used to holding things for their friends. Handbags, drinks, jackets, scarves, purses…our friends hold our drinks while we rummage around in our handbags, and our bags while we’re taking off our coats. We’re not octopi and everyone needs an extra hand every now and again. That’s why asking your lady, even if you’ve never met before, to hold something for you, will surprisingly not be met with confusion or surprise. When she offers her good natured hand to you, place yours in hers and watch her crack-up. Even if she lets go of your hand, you’ll surely be met with a smile.

7. The Bashful:

You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line. Women consistently rate a man’s ability to make her laugh in the top 3 most important things they look for in a man. This doesn’t need to be daunting, we’re not expecting you to have a stand-up routine ready, even the silliest jokes can make someone laugh. She’ll appreciate your courage for opening yourself up with a funny pick-up line, and even if your dad joke doesn’t have her in stitches, she’ll at least see that you don’t take yourself too seriously and are someone she can mess around with.

8. The Alibi:

Don’t look now, but… For this pick-up line, open yourself up to some role-play. Walk over with an air of determination. The aim is to convince your girl that she is about to save you from a horrific night. We’ll leave the danger to you: your boss has just walked in to the bar and you don’t want to speak to her, your friends are giving you a headache, maybe you’re escaping another woman! We girls have been playing the ‘pretend to be my boyfriend, so that guy will stop pestering me’ card for millennia. Hatch a getaway plan that she won’t be able to resist and the conversation will be flowing in no time.

9. The Shopper:

Could you help me pick a gift for my sister? This pick-up line is a sure fire hit: she’s flattered you would like her opinion on shopping, impressed that you are generous and care about your family and intrigued to find out more about you. It’s 2015 and we’re happy to help a dude in distress.

10. The Provocative:

Are you a couple? She’s with a boy…. your glimmer of hope is vanquished! Or is it? Before you walk the other way, why not do a little research with this perfect pick-up line. If there is no evidence that they are together (kisses, hugs, etc.), chances are, they are not a couple. What to do next? Go to them and simply ask: “Excuse me, are you a couple?” If she says “no, no, we’re just friends,” you reply, “Oh, cool, I can hit on you then …” 9 times out of 10 it will make her laugh … and if she fires the bullet and says they’re a couple, just make a hasty exit before the boyfriend notices. A pick-up line with added adrenaline kick! So what are you waiting for? Be brazen, be bold and as Shia La Beouf would say: Just do it! Still looking for pick-up line inspiration? Why not check out our ultimate guide to pick-up lines for men and women. Used one of these lines before? Why not apply to be a real life dating blogger? We’d love to hear your story.

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