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How to Ask a Girl Out

How to Ask a Girl Out

Met a Girl You Like? We Share Our Top Tips for How To Ask Your Crush Out

So… you’ve met an amazing girl and want to take things to the next level? Wondering how to ask your crush out? Here at Match, we’ve put together our top tips for how to ask a girl out so you can start getting to know your special someone.

Most people would like to think they know exactly how to ask a girl out, whether they’re dating offline or online. But, are you really doing it right? What do women actually want when it comes to that all-important moment?

The truth is every woman is different, and there is no surefire way to ask a girl out that works in every situation. In fact, women can sniff out a generic line a mile off.

The best dating stories start with something thoughtful or personal – she’s a well-rounded woman with her own unique personality, past experiences and interests. When planning how to ask your crush out, take the time to think specifically about her and what she would like.

That said, there are definitely some universal dos and don’ts when it comes to making the first move with a girl. That’s why we’ve put together our step by step guide for how to ask a girl out – it’s a great starting point for taking the plunge and making your move!

And remember, the singles you meet on Match are looking to start something real. Take this as a little confidence boost – if they’ve matched with you, chances are there’s something about you that has piqued their interest, and a date is a great place to start with building a meaningful connection.

Match’s Step by Step Guide for How To Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out can be a little nerve-racking, but the payoff is really worth it. Follow these five steps for asking your crush out and you and your ideal match will be hitting the town in no time!

1. Check the vibes

First things first, a little flirting will help you read the signs and make sure there’s a romantic spark between you and the girl you like. By subtly letting her know that you’re interested, you’re setting yourself up for success when you do ask her on a date. Creating a little flirty energy will up the anticipation and make it all the more exciting when you make your move. That said, it’s super important to look out for signs that she’s being receptive and flirting back with you, rather than trying to shut it down.

If you’re new to the flirting game, why not check out our how to flirt guide?

We also definitely recommend taking a little time to get to know her before asking her out. Finding out a bit about each other up front helps to make sure you’re a good match and shows you respect her boundaries and don’t want to force things on her too quickly. None of us want weeks of small talk before going on a date, but we do want to feel comfortable with a person before meeting up with them.

2. Think about what she’d like to do

Planning how to ask your crush out gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative. Think specifically about the girl you’d like to ask out and what she’d like to do. Women will respond well when they feel you’ve listened to them and have made the effort to think about them. Here are a few questions you may wish to ask yourself to get started.

  • What are her interests?
  • Is she low-key or would she appreciate something more formal?
  • Has she told you what kinds of films she likes? Or her favourite food?
  • Has she mentioned something new that she’d like to try?
  • Has she expressed interest in one of your hobbies?

Use these as a starting point when suggesting something to do with her. You don’t need to plan an elaborate first date – a coffee or a drink will work for many women – but it helps to show you’ve thought about her. And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to plan something a bit different for you both to connect over, why not!

3. Choose your moment

Each woman is different, so you should also consider the kind of person she is when deciding how you ask her. If she’s quiet and thoughtful, she may prefer a private moment, rather than a big, public gesture. If she’s funny and witty, it may be a good idea to lead with an inside joke before asking her out. Some women might love a grand gesture, while others may prefer something more casual.

Take a little time to think on what you know about your special someone and what she might like, as well as your relationship with her. If you’ve only met her recently, you may be better off asking her on a more low-key first date until you get to know her better… You don’t want to scare her off!

4. Keep it low pressure

Asking a girl out doesn’t have to be a big deal! Building it up in your head can make it all the more nerve-racking. For a first date, we recommend not pinning all your hopes on one person. You’ll come across as confident, and she won’t feel the pressure, so you can focus on getting to know each other.

This will also avoid awkwardness if she sadly doesn’t see you in a romantic way. There are plenty of low-pressure ways to gently assess whether she might be interested in going on a date. A simple “are you free this weekend?” is often a good starting point. She has the opportunity to shut things down without hurting your feelings, and if she is free, you can go ahead and suggest something fun for the two of you to do!

5. Take the plunge and ask her!

Now you’ve thought about how to ask your crush out, it’s time to go for it! Who knows, this could be the start of something very special.

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