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11 Telltale Signs You’re Falling in Love

11 Telltale Signs You're Falling in Love

Love: it’s a beautiful feeling. It can make you feel on top of the world if it’s reciprocated or cause you to hit rock bottom if it’s unrequited. Love can also be hard to recognise, whether you found it on a dating site or otherwise. You often hear the phrase “when you know, you know”, but is that really true? It can be tricky to distinguish between genuinely falling in love and lust, especially in the early stages of dating when sparks are flying and you’re blinded by the urge to rip your other half’s clothes off on a regular basis.

Here at Match, we want to do everything we can to help you work out when you’re feeling true love and when it’s just a passing fancy. This way you can be clear with yourself about your expectations, including whether there’s any future between the two of you or whether it’s purely physical. So, we present to you Match’s 11 telltale signs you’re falling in love: your definitive guide.

1. You don’t care about the traditional “rules of dating”

Forget waiting until the day after a date to text, or having to leave 30 minutes between each text to avoid appearing too keen. You are keen and you want the world to know! If you constantly want to be in contact with them, it’s likely a sign that you’re slowly falling in love.

2. You get butterflies every time you think about them

A massive cliche but it’s actually true! If you’re really falling for someone you get a physical sensation when they’re on your mind (which is likely to be 95% of the time anyway).

3. You’re desperate to meet their family and friends

As well as make a good impression, which is hugely important if you want a future together. When the big moment does come, just try and relax and treat them as an extension of your own family/friends.

4. And for them to meet your loved ones in return

All you want to do is show off this new lovable person in your life. You know your friends will love them and you’re already predicting who they’ll be BFFs with.

5. You’ve already started planning your future together

Or if things are super serious, you’ve discussed it. Thinking seriously about marriage and kids with someone you’re dating can speed up the process of falling in love. After all, if you’re going to spend forever with someone you’d better love them like crazy.

6. You find their “weird” habits incredibly endearing

Maybe she flicks her hair around a lot or maybe he has a restless leg twitch. Everyone has their individual habits, and when you’re falling in love you’ll find your date’s peculiarities cute. All these things add up to make them the person they are, so it makes complete sense that you’re fond of everything about them. Just a warning though – as the relationship progresses, irritation with these habits might slowly creep in, so enjoy it while it lasts!

7. You’re happy to just be together

Who needs fancy dinners and activity-filled dates? When you’re falling in love with someone, you feel comfortable enough to just hang out without all the bells and whistles. You’re also so into them that you want to avoid any distractions that could hamper your efforts to get to know each other inside out. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the dinners and activities, and you’ll probably end up having these kind of dates occasionally. But really, what’s better than an evening in together, talking for hours on end and falling asleep in each other’s arms?



8. You feel your other half’s emotions like they’re your own

If they’re happy, you’re over the moon. If they’re down, you feel mopey and blue yourself even if there’s no obvious reason why you should be. When you’re falling for someone, your empathy for them is heightened, meaning you take on their emotions and sometimes feel them as keenly as you would your own. The intensity of these feelings wears off as time goes on, but you’ll always be influenced by your partner’s moods to a certain extent.

9. You don’t have eyes for anyone else

When you’re falling in love, you just can’t imagine yourself with anyone else. Your other half is the apple of your eye, your darling dearest, your one and only – why would you look anywhere else? You might still find other people attractive but you won’t see them as a romantic option.

10. You do things you don’t like doing just to please them

Love is a wonderful thing! It makes the most mundane of tasks seem like a breeze if you’re doing them for that special someone. And you’re not even doing it to get in their good books; making them happy makes you happy. It’s as simple as that!

11. You catch yourself smiling like a loon when you think about them

You’ve become one of those awful people who simper to themselves when something reminds them of their other half. That dorky smile you never imagined would be plastered across your face is there for all to see. This is what falling in love feels like – embrace it!

If you’re looking for someone to try this whole falling in love thing with, register now. For practical dating advice check out our fun first date ideas or our tips on how to write an authentic profile.




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