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    Leicester is the 10th largest city in the UK, so it should come as no surprise that there is a thriving LGBTQI+ community right in the heart of England. At Match, we are here to support you throughout your gay dating journey in Leicester, from finding someone who piques your interest to going on your first date, Match will provide advice and tips from experts to make your dating experience fun, new and exciting! With that said, and without further ado, here’s Match’s guide to gay dating, Leicester style.

    Is Match the Right Gay Dating Site for Me?

    As of 2015, 1.7% of the UK’s population identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual – and that number is only growing as society is – finally – encouraging more people of all ages to embrace their queerness and come out as gay. So when it comes to finding someone special to start dating, it can be more confusing than ever, with hook-up apps and casual dating sites on the rise. Here at Match, we take dating seriously and we want people to find someone who really suits them – and not just for one night, either!

    We moderate every profile with a picture or description on our site to ensure that you can find someone genuine, open and honest to start your gay dating in Leicester journey. So whether you’re into speed dating, long walks or a nightlife date as the best way to find your dream man, we’ve got you covered.

    England has a rocky and troubled yet also inspiring past when it comes to gay culture. People often like to compare the United Kingdom as liberal with queerness in relation to countries such as the United States. This comparison, however, is damaging as it airbrushes over the multiple micro agresssions and homophobia that gay people experience on a regular basis.

    Dating as a gay person naturally proves more challenges – holding hands in public can attract the unwanted stares of passersby. Furthemore, the treatment of LGBTQ+ people is often – and very mistakenly – a blanket statement. While we are part of the same community, the lesbian and gay experiences are nuanced and actually quite different, especially when it comes to dating.

    As a gay person, speaking to other gay people of all ages about dating, especially within your local region of Leicester can actually be a very inspiring way to connect with your queerness. Hearing stories of brave gay men over a chat about their relationship with their queerness can be so insightful. As queer people, we have a limited history when it comes to romantic aspirations – in England and beyond – so chatting with gay men of all ages can be a great way to feel seen when it comes to romance.

    At Match, we cater to an array of gay men of all ages who have set up striking profiles which helped them meet other gay singles in their local area – in this case, Leicester. We want those looking for love to find it with ease and authenticity. We also know that gay culture isn’t just restricted to London despite what society tells us and thus do our research when it comes to the best spots for gay dating in Leicester and other local areas in England the UK.

    What Support Can I Get From the LGBTQI+ Community in Leicester?

    It’s no secret that getting to the stage where you feel comfortable dating as an LGBTQI+ person can be a journey in itself. Luckily, the city of Leicester boasts a great support network in the form of THE CENTRE, a community-led LGBT+ organisation that works with the queer community to produce safe, accessible services including counselling, training and activities to help everyone from gaybies (people who are new to the queer community) to anyone who identifies as LGBTQI+ and might want some support, whether it’s to get out there dating or just someone to talk to.

    It’s important that as a community we all support each other, and if you’re gay dating in Leicester or just looking for somewhere to meet like-minded people, there are services out there to help.

    What non-queer people don’t realise is that when you’re gay you literally have to educate yourself about your own sexuality because the representation just isn’t there! This can make us nervous when it comes to dating as a gay men and we can even attach negative connotations to looking for love. In reality, as gay men there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to dating, looking for love or even just looking for a chat with fellow gay people and singles to feel seen and understood.

    If you do find yourself nervous about getting back into the dating pool, gay speed dating can be a great idea. It keeps you on your toes and it may be comforting to know that everyone there is there for the same reason as you. The questions are rarely too personal too soon and if you’re new to dating it’s a great way to practise your conversational and even flirting skills if you feel too new and not get ready to date.

    Once you do feel ready, setting up a gay single profile with Match is a great way to browse and chat to potential partners. We cater to gay singles of all ages and want to realise the romance of their dreams. Gay men seeking long term relationships and enjoy gay dating as a way to find a like minded person to share feelings with are always welcome on our dating app.

    The Best Gay Dating Leicester Has To Offer

    Gay dating in Leicester should be fun! Whether it’s you or your date suggesting places to go, here are some reliable spots to make sure that you’re never out of ideas to maximise the fun in your first (or maybe second) real date.

    Leicestershire can be such a romantic place for gay men to find romance. Over the years, many gay singles have found long term partners in the county. The area is surrounded by beautiful nature, exciting Manchester is just a stone’s throw away and the city caters to many interesting men and women. If your friends and family are giving you signs that they think you should brave online dating, join as a way to start a great love adventure that could result in you having the best gay romance of your life.

    Over time you’ll feel less and less nervous about dating. Many singles – gay and straight, black or white – start off feeling nervous but through chatting on our online site or app, feel more relaxed and find themselves meeting and feeling united with other gay men in Leicestershire also looking for a similar relationship. Dating isn’t never a one way road but our site can help the track feel less bumpy, united you with other like minded gay singles.

    A quick reminder: someone that you’re dating should never make you feel unsafe to be yourself and should never harass you or make you feel uncomfortable. If someone you are talking to makes you feel unsafe, report them to our moderators and make sure to check out our guide to keeping safe when online dating.

    Food and Drinks

    1. The Dover Castle

    According to legend, the Dover Castle is one of the UK’s oldest gay venues. From cabaret nights to karaoke and open mic, the Dover Castle is a great place to head to after a couple of drinks if your date is going particularly well.

    1. Grove Farm

    Head over to Grove Farm for the farm-to-table experience. If your date is about the environment, it’s great to take them somewhere that focuses on locally-sourced food and traditional British dining – there’s even a carvery!

    1. Manhattan34

    Manhattan34 is a 1920s-themed cocktail bar in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter with live gigs and entertainment throughout the year. Even better, events are usually free or pay-as-you-want, so you don’t need to feel pressured to pay for entry, just for the drinks themselves.

    Events and Cultural Dates in Leicester

    1. Go and see the Leicester Wildecats

    If you’re into sport, this one’s for you! Leicester Wildecats are the only LGBT+ football team in Leicester and play in the GFSN (the Gay Football Supporters Network) football league, which brings together LBGTQI+ football teams from all over the country to play. Head to a game to watch and support the team with your special someone.

    1. Visit the National Space Centre

    Because what’s more romantic than staring up at the stars? Boasting a planetarium (the UK’s largest, actually), six galleries and the iconic rocket tower, the National Space Centre is an overlooked date night location. Go to a Space Lates evening for maximum romance.

    1. Singalong at the Curve Theatre

    Productions include the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Cher Show and Mamma Mia! So, dance on over to the Curve for a date night of entertainment that will get you singing along to every song (and hopefully your date will too!).

    Use Our Match App To Find Gay Singles Near You

    If you’re looking for gay dating in Leicester made easy, search no further than the Match app. We’ve made advanced criteria search features to help you find the people you’re most compatible with – you can search via shared interests, political leanings, religion and much, much more. Match is for finding real relationships, and we take dating seriously. We are here to help you find someone really special who truly suits you.

    Sure, gay dating can feel overwhelming and looking for men in Leicestershire who share the same united interests can feel like a drag which deprives you of free time. Match is here to relieve that stress, to make dating exciting again so that gay men can meet other singles of all ages, interests and backgrounds in a way that excites them. Online dating with Match aims to unite gay men and realise romance with speed.

    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!