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    Match is a dating site that places no limits on finding love. Thanks to our criteria search tool, Match works as a great and effective dating site for all members of the LGBTQI+ community in the UK. Once you log on, the criteria search engine helps you to narrow down your search results by specifying your desired partner’s profession, age, gender and location, making it a great place to start to find lesbian dating in Plymouth.

    Thanks to these filters, Match helps you to date committed singles with shared interests in Plymouth who also identify as lesbian. We also offer local activities where you can meet lesbian singles in Plymouth.

    Lesbian Dating Plymouth Style!

    The lesbian dating scene in the UK is vibrant and diverse. From LGBTQI+ bars to lesbian stand up comedy nights, most British cities and counties have a scene to offer. Nevertheless, the gay male scene argubaly has more visibility than the lesbian scene when it comes to spaces tailored for them to date and enjoy the night life. This is rooted in the history of the western world’s relationship with masculinity and in the fact that while being a gay male was illegal in the UK until the late 1960s, being an out lesbian was never officially against the law, although it did often mean severe discrimination. Despite this history, it is still important for queer women to have their own scene carved out within British society in the same way it is for queer men. The beauty of sexuality and queerness is in its diversity, which is often forgetton in media portrayals which tend to depict narrow stereotypes of all members of the LGBTQI+ community. Here at Match, you can meet Plymouth lesbians from all walks of life who are ready to write their own love story with you, so you won’t be pigeonholed into what someone thinks a lesbian relationship should look like.When it comes to Plymouth, the activity landscape is so diverse! Whether you want a date which explicitly embraces vibrant queer cuture or a simple walk in nature with some privacy, Plymouth can meet your desires.

    Lesbian ate Ideas in Plymouth

    • Weekly socials with the UPSU LGBTQ+ Society The UPSU (University of Plymouth Students’ Union) has an LGBTQI+ society dedicated to supporting and representing students who are part of the LGBTQI+ community in Plymouth. They host weekly socials, regular awareness events and campaigns, and the amazing annual LGBTQI+ Pride. These events are welcome to students and non-students alike, and it can sometimes be inspiring to see young people come together and celebrate queerness.
    • The annual Plymouth Pride This is a major event, usually celebrated in the summer. Pride in Plymouth boasts a variety of artistic activities such as “Lesbian Voices of Plymouth Past & Present”, “eXpresso Yourself Bi-Weekly Social”, “Hate Crime Reporting and Support”, and the “LGBT Community Archive”. It is a beautiful showcase of queer art – we just wish it was more than once a year!
    • Enjoy an exhibition at The Box, Plymouth’s major art galleryNo matter what period of history you’re intrigued by, The Box has you covered. From the Prehistoric era to Elizabethan times or queer theory on modern cinema, you’re sure to spark interest within these walls. The Box also boasts an intriguing archive showcasing much of Plymouth’s impressive history.
    • Walk along the beach Of course, one of the best things about living in Plymouth is the proximity to a breathtaking coastline. There really is nothing more romantic than a walk on the beach, no matter the season. In the hotter months, enjoy a picnic on the pebbles, and then in the cooler months, drive to a hilltop and watch the crashing waves as you exchange playlists.

    The Rainbow Connection Having launched only this past February, the Rainbow Connection is a three-mile-long trail which runs from Stonehouse to the Barbican, stopping at 17 sites with a connection to LGBTQI+ people, events and stories. Find out about the now-lost underground queer clubs of Union Street, Mark Weston – who transitioned in 1936, and the link between Gus Honeybun and Plymouth’s gay community. The trail celebrates Plymouth’s LGBTQI+ heritage but also remembers the darker moments, including the brutal murder of Terry Sweet in 1995. Due to lockdown, Plymouth is launching this trail for local people (within walking distance) to enjoy. However, those who live in wider Plymouth can still use the app and its content from their homes or wait for local restrictions to lift.

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