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    Birmingham is home to around 60,000 members of the LGBTQI+ community, with nearly 40 voluntary and community groups dedicated to supporting LGBTQI+ people in the city of a thousand trades.

    Is Match the right lesbian dating site for me?

    Here at Match, we make sure that everyone who is dating is doing so for the right reasons. We believe in the right to self-expression, safety and – above all – fun! Nowadays, there are so many dating apps that are full of people looking for quick hookups and casual dating, but we’re about serious singles who are looking to start something special.

    We moderate each profile and picture on our site and app to make sure who you’re talking to is who they say they are and to keep you safe when you’re dating. Lesbian dating in Birmingham should be a journey of self-discovery, self-love and inviting someone supportive to share in the highs and lows of your everyday!

    What support can I get from the LGBTQI+ community in Birmingham?

    Birmingham is one of the UK’s top three LGBTQI+ destinations, with bars and groups all over the city. However, it’s no secret that getting to the stage when you feel comfortable dating as an LGBTQI+ person can be a journey within itself, so we’ve collated some of the best support groups from all over Birmingham to go to if you find yourself struggling with your identity, sexuality or any other aspect of your personal life.

    • Birmingham LGBT – an advocate charity that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people across Birmingham and beyond. Birmingham LGBT focuses on signposting and increasing the visibility of the LGBTQI+ community in Birmingham.
    • LGBT Consortium – the consortium promotes opportunities for LGBT+ people and raises awareness of the LGBT+ community in Birmingham.
    • Birmingham LGBT Centre (NHS) – supporting the LGBT+ community through judgement-free sexual health advice, testing and counselling, you can also get recommended by your own GP and get your own self-testing kit online.
    • LGBTQ+ Mentoring Scheme – if you’re a University of Birmingham student, there’s a service to help LGBT+ people get into careers for them, known as the LGBT+ mentoring scheme. To get involved, just apply for the scheme using the application form on their site.

    The best lesbian dating ideas in Birmingham

    Now you know where to get support in the city, it’s time to check out the best dating (or just night out) spots for lesbians and women who love women in Birmingham. Whether you’re going all out for pride or just want an inclusive space to share a fun evening, there’s something in the city for everyone.

    Food and drinks

    The Fox

    The Fox is one of the only places in Brum that’s (mainly) for lesbians. Designed with the pin-up lover in mind, The Fox is a 50s style bar/pub with a great garden for a little outdoor date experience.

    The Loft Lounge

    Serving food and drinks on comfy sofas, the Loft Lounge is open every day of the week and isn’t a ‘Gales style club at all – in fact, The Loft is more known for LGBT+ dining and all round relaxed vibes. Think: coffee by day, cocktails under a heated garden by night.


    An LGBTQI+ bar with traditional pub food a spacious interior, Sidewalk known for being reasonably priced and friendly. A more relaxed dating spot, it’s a great place to chat and get to know someone over a drink and some good food.

    Events and cultural dates in Birmingham

    Midlands Out Badminton Club

    Meeting every Saturday, get sporty with the Midlands Out Badminton Club. They post on Facebook when they’re looking for more players so keep an eye out for when they’re on the lookout!

    SHOUT Festival

    An LGBT+ culture festival, SHOUT showcases music, dance, art, photography, comedy and so much more. Honing in on local talent, SHOUT is really the only festival to go to for the queer community in Brum.


    With a small collection of lesbian filmography, magazines and books, Prowler is really the only destination in Birmingham that stocks lesbian-focused literature. More marketed to gay men than lesbians, if you’d like to start your own lesbian book store we’ll be there!

    Electric Cinema

    It doesn’t get much cooler than the oldest cinema in the UK! Not your regular cinema, the Electric has managed to maintain perfect art deco style, sofas and even table service. It’s so good that even Katy Perry spent her birthday there (get it? Lesbian dates, Katy Perry?).

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