Have you ever really liked the look of someone but couldn’t figure out how to grab his attention so you could get to know each other? We know the struggle. Men can be hard to read and the last thing you want, when you like someone, is to be caught up in mind games.

If you want to know how to attract men, without changing yourself or forcing anything, then we have your back. Our relationship experts here at Match have prepared a list of helpful tips on how to attract men naturally. Read on and all will be revealed:

Make eye contact

Our first tip on how to attract men is don’t be afraid to look him in the eye! If you want a man to notice you, you need to show him you’re interested. What better way than some classic eye-flirt across the room? There’s nothing better to get your adrenaline pumping than playing the eye game until one of you decides to make the first move. If you’re the shy type, try making eye contact at least once, for 2 seconds, and keep an eye out for his reaction. Maybe seeing his face spark with interest will help you come out of your shell. Careful not to stare too much though!

Smile more

While smiling is generally an amazing way to boost your mood and that of those around you, it can also be a super flirty cue to attract men. When you look and feel happy, chances are that more people will notice and find you appealing. Try smiling for a few seconds while making eye contact with the man you’re after. You’ll make him feel intrigued to approach you, as well as more confident in himself and his chances with you. Trust us, a simple smile can go a long way and sometimes all a guy’s waiting for is the ‘green light’ from you.

Bring out your youthfulness

First of all, let us make clear that youthfulness has nothing to do with age. Instead, it relates to attitude – the way you carry yourself and how that shows your social, exciting and spontaneous side, however you choose to express that as an individual. Men will naturally be more attracted to you and want to meet you when you show off your most fun side. If you always convey your more serious side (and we all have that side!), you’ll come across as sheltered and not easily approachable. Of course, we’re not saying that you should be acting like a teenager! Just try to emulate all the best characteristics associated with young people and you’ll find that attracting men is effortless.

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Be present and don’t hide in a corner

Try to make yourself present in the room. We know sometimes certain situations can be intimidating, but you should try to keep yourself active and central, and not hiding behind furniture or plants. Expecting to be approached, but not putting yourself out there is unfair to the man you’re interested in. Just don’t force trying to be the centre of attention. Remember that being natural is everything!

Charm him with body language

Positive body language is essential to attract men. It shows him you’re excited about being with him and creates a more flirtatious atmosphere for the conversation to kick in. Try decreasing the space between the two of you by leaning towards him, or breaking the touch barrier by touching his arm while talking or while laughing at one of his jokes. Playfully playing with your hair or your jewellery can also add to your charm and arouse feelings in the man you’re pursuing.

So there you have it: our top tips on how to attract men naturally, without changing who you are!

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