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Why women love chivalrous men

Why women love chivalrous men

While the majority of modern day ladies are still knocked off their feet by well-mannered men, many gents feel nervous when behaving like a “gentleman” in case women think they’re being sexist.

So how can men really know what women still want when it comes to dating…

A subtle nod to tradition

Though it might seem old fashioned, most women really do appreciate the little gestures such as having their chair pulled out for them, a door opened and wine poured, so why not read up on some other traditional gestures of courtesy that might impress your date?

Good eye contact

Women like to be looked at when they’re spoken to. It’s only a small thing, but it can make the difference between your date or partner feeling like the only girl in the room and feeling totally ignored and self-conscious.

Dressing for success

Whether you’re in the early stages of dating or have been together 20 years, it’s vital that you never stop making an effort.

If you’re going out together, dress for the occasion. But, at home, it’s fine to relax in comfy clothes; avoid t-shirts full of holes and ripped boxer shorts though, as this makes you look like you no longer care.


Women love to receive compliments, and no “your bum doesn’t look big” does NOT count.

If you want to give your partner a compliment, focus on something that’s unique to her and make it sincere. Telling her she has the softest skin you’ve ever seen will make her feel a million dollars.

“I love you”

Being chivalrous is about appreciating women, and telling your partner you love them is one of the strongest ways you can demonstrate this.

But, showing your affection doesn’t always have to be verbal. Try to think of different and spontaneous ways to show that you care, whether that’s by putting a hidden note in her bag or drawing a heart e into the condensation on the bathroom mirror that she’ll see when she gets out of the shower.

Treating other women well

Chivalry isn’t just about treating your girlfriend or wife well, it’s about showing respect to everyone.

When your partner sees you being polite to the waitress, giving a lady with a pushchair a hand up the stairs or helping an elderly lady cross the road, they’ll feel proud to have such a gentleman on their arm.

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