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5 Ways to Get a Great Christian Guy To Notice You

5 Ways to Get a Great Christian Guy To Notice You

It was Thursday morning. I walked into the lift of my new block of flats. Hearing footsteps, I kept the door open with my arm. He strolled in, dressed for the day, and started asking me what I was doing in this new city. This led to us both sharing about our hearts for Christian ministry. Two years from our meeting, I’ll be walking down the aisle marrying this godly Christian man.

I wish I could tell you that there is a perfect magic formula for meeting a great Christian guy, but I met mine randomly in a lift.

As Christian women, we are excited to one day meet a great Christian guy. I did nothing but hold open the door to meet my man, but it is okay and good to put yourself out there in order to meet a godly man.


Here are a few practical tips to help you find that great Christian guy:


  1. Pray for a spouse. God knows our hearts’ desires, so why not ask Him for them in prayer? Make sure you do not become overly obsessive to the point of only praying for a Christian guy. Not only will God dislike this, but a Christian guy won’t find this attractive either.


  1. Find contentment in singleness. There is nothing Christian guys find more attractive than a Christian girl who is so in love with the Lord that she doesn’t need a man to complete her. I know it can be hard to find contentment in singleness, but the sooner you discover that only Jesus can satisfy that hole in your heart, the better.


  1. Say hi. Don’t be afraid to say hi to that guy at church that you see every week, but you haven’t met. Yes, I know it sounds radical, but grab a friend, walk over to him and say hi.


  1. Serve at your church. We long to meet Christian men who want to serve their families. When you serve at your church, you’ll be serving alongside godly men. You will be able to meet godly men and see their hearts for the church, for serving and for God.


  1. Write an authentic profile. The secret to getting a guy to notice you isn’t changing the person God created you to be or pretending to be someone you’re not – the secret is to fully embrace who you are. When you are writing your profile, be authentic. Talk about your involvement in church and your passion for Jesus. Open your heart and show others who you are behind that profile image.


I too know the pain of wanting to be in a Godly relationship and to be further in my life plan than I currently am. Yet, Cinderella took action. She didn’t sit at home – she got herself to that ball.

Take a risk. Make a goal right now to use these practical steps in the next few weeks. Stop waiting for a glass slipper to show up and make yourself available to the people God has already put around you in person and online.



Joy is a recent college grad who experienced Jesus’s love and pursuit her first year of college and surrendered her life to him. She often blogs about Christian dating, contentment in singleness, and freedom from sexual abuse. She hopes to help you: Experience Jesus. Experience His joy. Experience His freedom.

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