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    Bournemouth may be a beautiful coastal town, but its rather secluded location can often make it a challenge to find like minded dates, especially if you are part of the LGBTQ community.

    Whether gay or straight, if you’re single, based in Bournemouth and looking to date, Match UK can help not only find local dates but also aids in filtering particular interests from art to music and other personal passions. Match UK’s advanced search tools will make it easier for you to go on dates with people who share your interests. Users can specify preferred physical characteristics, sexual preferences and cultural interests of their partner and can build their core values into their profile by detailing the things that are most important to them.

    Furthemore, once you have registered your location, Match UK offers many ways to find a match from speed dating to other local events in Bournemouth. Once you have found a match you share interests with, Bournemouth presents many dating opportunities from cinema and museum visits to long country and beach walks or an elegant evening at a cocktail bar.

    In the meantime, below are listed several date ideas perfect for a variety of experiences with a fellow Bournemouth single.


    Arguably, music and food are the two most universal interests. Few things can bond a potential romantic couple more than discovering a new music artist together and sharing in a live experience. Even if you’re both into different genres, the venn diagram can overlap over a beer, pizza and a new band.

    • Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar

    The cobbled terrace and fairy lights are enough to make for a romantic setting. Enjoy locally sourced home cooked food as you listen to the city’s latest up and coming band.

    • Madding Crowd

    Centrally situated on Commercial Road, Madding Crowd is a sweet and intimate venue. From singer songwriters to vintage jazz nights and barber quartets you’ll be sure to find the vibe that best suits you and your date.

    • The Anvil

    Perfect for a Friday night, this energetic pub offers cheap drinks and great, grubby rock’n’roll vibes.

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    • Rob, Mary-Beth
    • Stuart & Sylvia
    • Paul & Lisa
    • Emma and Ryan
    • Cat and Johnny
    • Jamie and Kathryn
    • Keith & Desiree
    • Mary-Beth and Rob
    • Fiona & Jo
    • Kate & Paul
    • Andy & Hayley
    • Lucy and Emma
    • Richard & Debbie
    • Susan & Ashley
    • Stephen and Amy
    • Scott and Angela
    • Emma and Chris
    • Louise & Simon
    • Jason & Jackie
    • David and Amanda
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    A cinema or museum trip is particularly great for those who may sit on the shyer side of the fence. Absorbing culture while watching a film or walking through an exhibition allows for some silence, reflection and introspection. It also provides a great conversation starting point for that chat over coffee post-movie or show.

    • Russell-Cotes Museum

    In 1901 Merton Russell-Cotes gave his wife Annie a dream house on a cliff-top overlooking the sea. Now named the Russell-Cotes Museum, this lavish, splendid interior has a touch of fantasy. The seaside villa is filled with beautiful objects from the couple’s travels across the world, and the walls are lined with a remarkable collection of British art, creating a unique atmosphere in a most dramatic setting.

    • The Bournemouth Natural Science Society & Museum

    Located on the outskirts of Bournemouth town centre, the museum houses a fascinating menagerie of preserved natural history specimens, including plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, eggs and shells, as well as extensive collections of fossils, rocks and minerals. The museum also has numerous archaeological artifacts and an Egyptology collection which boasts a 2,500 year old mummy in its sarcophagus.

    • Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDIP)

    MoDIP is a specialist research resource as part of the Arts University Bournemouth. For creative dates, MoDIP is perfect as its collection offers a wide spectrum of objects, from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, which illustrate the role of plastics through different social and historical contexts.


    Bournemouth offers an array of natural beauty, and don’t think that a walk on the beach is restricted to mature west country singles alone! Dates in nature can get creative from picnics to butterfly houses. So pack your flask and take in the fresh air.

    • Mudeford Sandspit Lagoon & Holloway’s Dock

    This breathtaking dock is so beautiful it is hard to believe it isn’t a painting but in fact reality. Watch several breeds of duck as the sun strikes its beams on their feathers as they glide around the lagoon.

    • Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre

    Founded in partnership between the BCP Council and the Bournemouth Parks Foundation, the Barn Centre hosts activities and events to raise awareness and understanding about Bournemouth’s wildlife and cultural heritage. As it is located next to the river, it’s the perfect place to bring a picnic and gaze out onto the horizon.

    • Bournemouth beach

    It may be an obvious choice but is there really anything as romantic as sharing a large portion of salt & vinegar chips as you stroll along a sandy beach with the wind in your hair? We didn’t think so either.

    Casual Restaurants

    Ah the dinner date – arguably the most popular of all the date categories. However, the struggle early on can be finding the perfect balance between smart and casual – a setting that feels too posh can feel awkward and intimidating but a fast food chain equally does not allow for comfortable conversation to flow. Here are some picks that perfectly strike that balance.

    • Bournemouth Pizza Co

    Wood-fired pizzas and rustic communal tables make for a cosy setting in the city centre. With buy one get one free deals on Wednesdays and many locals naming it the best pizza in Bournemouth get ready to feel fuzzy after a couple glasses of wine and an intimate talk over a Margherita.

    • Mad Cucumber

    Attention vegan singles, this cheerful, quirky and cool vegan food joint is for you. Perfect for a lunch or dinner date, get to know your date over a quick smoothie or a veggie burger and fries. The wooden interior feels fun, authentic and most importantly, relaxed.

    • The Coconut Tree Bournemouth

    This small Sri Lankan train delivers the goods. Part cocktail bar, part south Asian tapas, enjoy an Espresso Martini with cardamom and some sag aloo in a dimly lit, warm-toned, rustic environment. Usually filled with friends and couples alike of all ages, The Coconut Tree removes all pressure and infuses your evening with a little spice.

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