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Online Messaging: You Can Do Better Than ‘How’s U?’

Online Messaging: You Can Do Better Than 'How's U?'

You’ve been flicking through their pictures on your phone for days, but don’t know what to say to spark your first conversation. Sending the first message out into the ether can be a daunting experience, so we’ve got the tricks and know-how that will have you both staring at your screens for the next message. Thumbs at the ready let’s get messaging!

Start with a joke

Great spokesmen always use humour in their speech. It’s like a smile, which as we all know, goes a looooong way. Make someone smile while they’re reading your message and she/he won’t be able to resist to reply.

Make a compliment

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to be praised. The main thing here is not to go overboard. If you like someone’s profile picture, tell her/him how great she/he looks and try to avoid ‘You’re the most beautiful woman/man I’ve ever seen’ or ‘How are you doing, hot stuff?’! You don’t even have to compliment her body. Use the locations in pictures to start a complementary conversation: “That beach looks amazing, where was it taken?” is a great way to get someone to open up.

Ask a question

Even a question like: ‘Can I ask you a question?’ will spark an interest. I can guarantee, she/he won’t sleep before finding out what the question is.

Don’t Copy-Paste

You can easily spot ‘copy-paste’ messages. It doesn’t feel genuine and is certainly never going to be met with an inviting response. If you don’t have the time to start a conversation, why should someone take the time to respond? I remember receiving the same message from the same guy three times in a period of few months. Apparently, he didn’t have a very good memory either.

Make an effort

The messages like: ‘How u doin hun?’, ‘How’s you?’ or ‘Hey Sexy;)’ won’t get you much attention. You should really try harder than this. Consider the law of balance: Whatever you put out there will come back to you. Make an effort and someone from the opposite side of the screen is much more likely to make an effort with you.

Find a common ground

Do your research before messaging someone for the first time. Read her/his profile and if you have similar taste in music or both into hiking, don’t hesitate making point of it and maybe ask for an advice. Who knows, you might kill two birds with one stone: a date and some useful information!

Don’t be afraid

It’s only a message. Don’t let your inner doubts, like ’She/he won’t reply’, ‘She/he way too good for me’, ‘It will sound stupid’, stop you. The world won’t stop spinning, if someone doesn’t reply to your message right away. Good luck and keep you phones handy for lots of responses 😉 Yours, Single Girl

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