Ladies, have you ever wondered what guys think about on a first date? It could be anything from what his mother will think of you to whether you’re the type to be high maintenance. He could even be wondering whether you’re interested in him at all. Here are some useful dating tips to help you know what might be running through his head, and what you could do to make things go smoothly.

1. Should I lead the conversation?

On a first date, both of you are looking for clues as to each other’s conversation styles. Be conscious of how much of the conversation is focused and lead by you; If you’re not getting the balance right between talking and listening, the chances are he’s wondering if he should jump in and say more, or if you’re going to turn out to be someone who’s too absorbed in themselves to notice. The best dating tips are to keep things like hearted and breezy, and remember for every time you talk about yourself, you should also be asking him about himself as well. It’s also good to steer clear of work or family related topics; these can sometimes be a little heavy for first date conversation.

2. What would my friends and family think of me dating her?

Let’s face it, first impressions count; at some point in the evening he’s going to wonder what it would be like to introduce you to his friends or even his mum. Are you coming across as someone who would get on well within his social circle? Dating tips like being friendly to waiting staff, not being too fussy with your food, and coming across as easy going are going to come in handy when this pops into his head. It sounds harsh, but dressing appropriately will also be a deciding factor in this – so ease off on the hot pants and low cut tops unless that’s what you genuinely feel most comfortable in.

3. What will she say to her friends about dating me?

On the flipside, he will also start to wonder what you’re going to tell your own friends about him and how the date went. Like you, he might worry about making a good first impression, so try to make him feel at ease if you sense this is on his mind. If anything should go wrong on the date – if he spills his drink on your lap or if he stumbles over his words, good dating tips will tell you to take it in your stride, smile and make a joke to let him know you’re not the type to make a big deal out of it.

4. Is she high maintenance?

One of the biggest turn offs for a man is a girl who’s high maintenance or demands too much from a guy early on. Some dating tips to prevent him thinking this are: • Don’t show up wearing too much make up, perfume or accessories, or overdressed for the venue • Don’t expect him to pay for everything and don’t choose the most expensive drinks on the menu • Don’t push for compliments about your appearance. Relax and they will come naturally. Sometimes if you’re nervous it can be easy to do things which aren’t really ‘you’, so it’s important to be conscious of these things during the first stages of dating – you want to be as friendly and down to earth as possible to win that important second date.

5. Is she even interested in dating me?

This is probably one thought you can more or less guarantee that he’ll be thinking during your date. If you think you like him, don’t confuse the guy by pretending otherwise or trying to play it cool. Take these dating tips – keep things flirty and light hearted, and make sure he feels like you’re really listening to him. It sounds obvious, but laughing (in a genuine way!) at his jokes shows that you’re on the same wavelength and you get his sense of humour. This goes a long way towards putting you both at ease on the night.

Now you know what he’ll probably be thinking about. Why not take a look at what signs men give off to show that they like you.