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How to make a girl want you

How to make a girl want you

The proof is in the pudding. We talked to five loved up females to find out what made them fall for their man.

“He puts me at ease”
Meeting up for a date requires logistics. This, we have found out, can turn the most laid-back Casanova into a stressing Susan. Nothing matters on the first date apart from the two of you getting to know each other and sharing a laugh. So whether they’ve messed up the reservation, she’s running late, or you’ve forgotten your glasses, exercise your inner Zen and don’t kill the mood by getting stressed out. Make her feel at ease, and remember she’s the only one who deserves your attention. Namaste

“He compliments me”
It’s as simple as an old fashioned “you look great” when you first see her. All of a sudden the fear of not pleasing is pushed aside, and she can relax. Noticing the little things will not only make her feel great, but also shows that you’re in the moment, and considerate of her. She knows it’s silly to care about how her hair looks, but taking the time to compliment her will show that you’re caring and make her feel great.

“He makes me laugh”
No surprises here, the best way to make a woman want you is to make her laugh. Laughing releases endorphins that relax the mood and bond people together. You’ll know you’ve found the one, when they crack you up no other. Rehearsed tales are ok, but finding something funny together will really set the mood on fire. Laughing is contagious, so why not lighten the mood with a date surrounded by laughter: stand-up comedy, or a funny film or show.

“He listens to me”
People show they are listening in different ways: however, bulldozing your own point of view or story when she’s mid-sentence, shouldn’t be one of them. Abruptly refocusing a conversation after she’s shared a story or thought indicates that you’re self-involved or worse, what she said wasn’t interesting. Boost her social confidence and engage in what she is saying then draw to something from your experience.

“He’s wants to do things”
Be proactive with your date ideas and show that you are interested in having fun and spending time together. You’d be surprised how many guys think that just offering to meet up scores 10 in the gentlemen stakes. Be in the know with the latest events happening in your neighbourhood and show her something new and exciting. She’ll love you want to share these special moments together and have made the extra effort to avoid another pint in the local.

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