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How to tell he loves you when he hasn’t said it yet

How to tell he loves you when he hasn't said it yet

Knowing when to say those three little words is a big deal in any relationship, but even if your man hasn’t uttered them yet it doesn’t mean he’s not feeling it. Here are the gestures that point to the L-word.

His gifts are personal
Men are hardly renowned for their present-buying abilities, so if he goes out of his way to treat you with heartfelt gifts it shows you’re high up in his thoughts. A copy of your favourite childhood book or a scarf that matches your eyes mean so much more than chocolates and flowers.

He talks about your future
If he’s happy to make plans with you for several months down the line, he clearly thinks your relationship has legs. And if he quizzes you about where you’d like to settle down and how many children you want to have, he probably sees you as potential marriage material.

He cancels lads’ night for you
Pal time is seriously precious, so if he would rather spend it with you you’ve got one seriously soppy fellow on your hands. He’s likely to get a ribbing from his friends for being so henpecked, but he won’t care as long as you’re together. Aww!

He gazes at you a lot
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when a man is besotted he’ll struggle not to stare at you in wonderment every now and again. If you catch him looking at you with a dreamy smile, he’s probably caught the love bug. Full-on, unguarded eye contact is another good sign.

He is very affectionate, even in public
If he can’t keep his hands off you, in an affectionate rather than lustful way, you could be on to a keeper. When he showers you with kisses, plays with your hair and hugs you on a whim he is properly smitten. And if he’s happy to act this way in full view of strangers, he clearly only has eyes for you.

He remembers the name of your first pet
When a man has a real interest in you and what makes you tick, his feelings go far beyond the physical. And if he’s able to recall little details about your life it means he’s really been paying attention rather than feigning interest to win you over.

He opens up to you
It may be a cliche, but men tend not to be as open with their emotions as women. If your bloke lets his guard down enough to share his innermost fears, it shows he’s prepared to be vulnerable around you. And if he asks for your advice, he clearly values your opinion.

He wants to fit you in to every aspect of his life
Men have a tendency to compartmentalise, so if he wants you to be involved in all boxes it sounds like he’s serious about your relationship. If he’s inviting you round to his mum’s, introducing you to all his friends and asking to tag along when you meet up with yours, it must be love.

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