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Our complete guide to Valentine’s Day 2023

Our complete guide to Valentine's Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is our favourite holiday – and we’re not afraid to admit it! Celebrating romance and love is the best part of our lives. Bring the person you care most about close to you and get your sweetest side on show, February 14th is all about love and we here at Match love love.

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A short history of Valentine’s Day

Every February 14th, we express our feelings towards each other – whether romantic or not! But the festival that started it all is a little less about love and more about the spring arriving.

Our current Valentine’s Day celebrations are inspired by the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which welcomed spring and fertility by pairing off women and men in a lottery. Banned by Pope Gelasius I at the end of the 5th century, the festival was replaced by Saint Valentine’s Day – to honour the saint, not the romance. During the 14th century, Valentine’s Day came to its current meaning of romance.

From a small festival bringing couples together, Valentine’s Day became a commercial event in mid-1800s America with the first Valentine’s Day cards. Alluding to the origins of the day with Cupid, the Roman god of love and hearts, which were believed to be the seat of all emotion.

Our guide to Valentines gift-giving

It’s not unusual to be unsure of what to get your other half on Valentine’s Day, the pressure to show them exactly how much you like them and how much you want to impress them can be overwhelming. So, we’ve created this guide to giving that special someone in your life a present for the most romantic day of the year:

Gifts for her

Buying for that special lady in your life might not be the easiest – especially if you’re just getting to know one another! – but we’ve got some suggestions for quick gifts that anyone would love.
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  • Get her a hamper: Hampers are a great way to give a woman a few things at the same time (basically to cover all the bases). The best hampers to give as a valentine are usually alcohol, chocolate, or something particularly indulgent for someone with a stressful job.
  • Try some jewellery: It doesn’t have to be super luxurious or even fine jewellery, you can make the woman in your life something special. Try to steer clear of rings if you’re not getting engaged – the box could give them the wrong idea.
  • Go for a meal out (or in): For those of you who like a traditional Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than a meal out. Make sure you book in advance, though! Alternatively, you can also stay in and cook something romantic for the woman – or women – you love.

If that’s not enough ideas for your valentine, you can try just asking them too! Remember: communication is sexy.

Gifts for him

The belief that men are hard to buy for isn’t just a stereotype! Unless you ask your significant other what they want, or they are looking for something specific, it can be really tricky to find something for the man in your life that he will like. There’s not much to it though, men want to be romanced as much as anyone else, so think about what you’d like, and you probably won’t be far off.

  • Jewellery isn’t just for girls: OK, it might be cheating to put the same gift twice, but hear us out! Not enough men are given jewellery as gifts, and there’s not much more attractive than a man wearing some great pieces – it means they get to carry you with them everywhere.
  • Book a class together: Taking a class with your significant other is a lovely way to spend some quality time together. It also helps you make time for each other every week (or however often your classes are), so you can ensure that Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day you get to wile away together.
  • Get something useful: Useful gifts are the best ways to surprise someone. Whether he’s into baking and could do with a new mixer or if he’s a big fan of music and has been eyeing up a new record player, getting a useful but thoughtful gift can be helpful and romantic.

Buying your favourite man a gift this Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be tricky, just think about what he loves and gift-give accordingly.

Gifts for them

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to get someone something truly romantic – regardless of their gender. Finding the ideal gift for your valentine is completely dependent on who they are as a person and their interests, but here are some suggestions for gift-giving:

  • Take them on a hiking holiday: This is a cheap option but is extra romantic. Plan a hiking holiday with your partner and make them a voucher to go alongside it (put it into a card or just don’t tell them where you’re going). Holidays are a great way to spend some quality time together, but we know they can be expensive.
  • Make them a personalized gift: Giving someone something personalized is great, and if it’s handmade, it’s even more romantic! If you have the time to spare, make them something using one of your talents (if it’s just a song or a poem, that works too!). Time is the best thing you can give someone, so making them shows exactly how much you care.
  • Flowers never miss: A beautiful flower arrangement will impress anyone. Make it red or pink roses, and it will be perfect for your valentine.

Whatever you want to give this Valentine’s Day, a card with loving sentiments never goes amiss. So wrapped or not, physical or otherwise, make sure you get your significant other a valentine to ask them to be yours.

The big date guide

Wondering exactly what to do on Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s just going out on an extra-special date (recommended if you’ve just started seeing each other) or something much more, we’ve created a guide to the most popular and most romantic dates for your valentine:

Dinner dates

The classic dinner date is a staple for a reason! Dinners can be as romantic as you like, candlelit, mismatched plates, glass of wine or whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to book far in advance so that you don’t end up disappointed on the 14th:

  • Going out: Booking a dinner out somewhere for Valentine’s Day has never been so easy – just make sure you get in there early. Figure out their favourite restaurant, preferred cuisine or try something new and get online to book a table for the big day well in advance.
  • Ordering a takeaway: Ordering in isn’t a bad option! Some people aren’t much for takeaways, but a night in together without washing up, what could be better? Make sure to up to romantic stakes by decorating your home with some candles and loading up your most cringe valentine film to the TV – and don’t forget to use the best plates in the house! No one wants to be eating out of plastic on Valentine’s Day.
  • Cooking: It doesn’t matter if you can cook, just that you try. Making a meal for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day doubles as a gift and a date, so if you’re looking to save and keep it extra romantic, make that someone special a dinner this V-day. Do at least a main and a dessert to impress, though, it’s no use just throwing pasta in a bowl.

Dinner isn’t for everyone though – it can feel a little tired, and you might want to mix it up. Everyone needs to eat sometime, but that time might not be Valentine’s Day, and that’s OK.

Romantic dates

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or just a person looking to spend as much time with the people you as possible on the most romantic day of the year, we’ve got some fun, cost-saving romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023:

  • Play a game: Get the board games out or fire up the consoles! It’s game time. Get competitive or play alongside your valentine and spend a few hours just playing with the people who matter most to you. Playing games means you can have fun together and also get some quality time together.
  • Make playlists for each other: The ultimate stay-in date, make the other person in your life a playlist. It can be as soppy as you like – think Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers – or a little more personalized towards your taste. Even just have a silly song dance night in together if you’re looking to save this Valentine’s Day.
  • Go stargazing: February is just the right time of year to stargaze. There are fewer clouds than usual, it’s not too cold or too warm, and the darkness comes out fairly soon in the day. Get up high somewhere, and you don’t even need to bring the telescope. Just the romantic fresh air and making patterns in the stars.

We spend every Valentine’s Day looking at red and pink hearts – and that’s where the most romantic ideas come from: right from the heart. Put your mind to it (and to your partner) and you can discover the most romantic and special Valentine’s Day ever.

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