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Quiz: Are you too nice to your partner?

Idaseo, 3 August 2022
Quiz: Are you too nice to your partner?


1. You’ve had a terrible day so you’re looking forward to a night in front of the TV. But the moment you hit the sofa your partner hijacks the remote control. Do you…

  • A: Snatch it straight back and give your partner hell for even thinking about it?
  • B: Ask what he or she wants to watch, then work out a cunning time-share arrangement?
  • C: Slope upstairs to watch iPlayer in your bedroom?

2. A friend’s fancy dress party is coming up and your other half has been making distinct sounds that they’re not looking forward to it. Do you…

  • A: Tell them it’s a three-line whip and that they better sort out a costume pronto?
  • B: Think of something hilarious you can go as together, and start ordering everything you both need online?
  • C: Tell your friend your partner has a prior arrangement, but that you’ll be there with bells on?

3. The in-laws are coming over for Sunday lunch. Do you…

  • A: Because it’s your partner’s relatives coming over you insist he or she pay for the shopping and do most the cooking?
  • B: Offer to tidy up and make a pudding if your other half sorts out the roast?
  • C: Spend all weekend sprucing up your place, cooking up a feast and being on hand with the wine top-ups?

4. Your partner’s feeling a bit under the weather. Do you…

  • A: Conclude they’re exaggerating and tell them to get on with it?
  • B: Get in some meds when you’re out shopping?
  • C: Take a day off work so you can nurse him or her better?

5. It’s date night. Do you…

  • A: Hang back from planning anything, safe in the knowledge your partner will have something amazing sorted?
  • B: Suggest meeting your other half at the multiplex so you can decide later what you’re both in the mood for?
  • C: Turn up with surprise tickets to a show your partner has always wanted to see?

The scale of nice

Mostly As: You know what you want and your partner knows what you want too! While our other half might be happy catering to your every whim, it won’t hurt to put yourself second first once in a while, you might find you enjoy it.

Mostly Bs: You are more diplomatic than the United Nations and love being in an equal partnership. But, while you may have struck the perfect balance in your relationship, make sure your friends and family don’t feel left out of your happy bubble.

Mostly Cs: You’ll do anything for your relationship, often putting your partner’s needs above your own. You may love this caring role but don’t be afraid to voice your own wishes once in a while or you might end up being more of a doormat than a soulmate.

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