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Quiz: Are you too jealous in your relationship?

Idaseo, 3 August 2022
Quiz: Are you too jealous in your relationship?

We’ll all prone to jealousy now and again, but this normal human emotion can often destroy relationships with our partners, friends and family.
Take our test to see whether you need to rein it in.


1. When you’re on a dinner date, the waitress appears to be flirting with your other half. How do you feel about it?

A: Angry. As soon as she turns her back, you make a snide comment about her outfit.
B: Bemused. Can’t she see he obviously has a girlfriend?
C: Proud. You’re clearly with the hottest guy in the room.

2. Your partner’s ex is in town and wants to meet him for a catch-up drink. You…

A: Ban him from meeting up with her. They obviously have a connection, so why tempt fate?
B: Think it’s a bit weird that they want to see each other, so ask if you can tag along.
C: Tell him to have fun and to pass on your best wishes to the ex.

3. Your partner hasn’t come home from work and it’s later than usual. Do you…

A: Scour the Facebook pages of the prettiest girls at work for clues about what he’s up to?
B: Ring him on his office number to check that’s where he is and make sure all is OK?
C: Text to say you’re looking forward to seeing him, and settle down with your favourite box set until he gets back?

4. Your sister gets her dream promotion. Do you…

A: Wonder why these things never seem to happen to you?
B: Feel pleased for her, but it also reminds you of the things you want to change about your own career?
C: Take her out for a slap-up meal to celebrate?

5. Your best mate tells you she thinks her latest squeeze is the one. Do you…

A: Secretly wish she was still single and avoid having to see her when she’s in her loved-up state?
B: Hope she won’t neglect your friendship and get some dates in the diary for your next drinking session together?
C: Get very excited and start checking out bridesmaid dresses?

The green-o-meter

Mostly Cs: Green-eyed monster

You have a problem with jealousy and envy, and it could be affecting your relationships and your own happiness. Rather than wallowing in ill feelings towards others, take steps to address the areas of your life where you feel genuinely unfulfilled

Mostly Bs: Occasional bout of the blues

You’re not completely overcome with jealousy, but you do get the odd pang. If you have an attractive partner, feel proud that they’ve chosen to be with you, and don’t take other people’s achievements as a sign of your own failings. You’ll feel a lot more liberated.

Mostly As: Outlook is rosy

You are trusting in your relationships and able to feel genuinely happy for your loved ones when they succeed. As long as your head isn’t buried in the sand, it’s a great way to be so keep up the good work!

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