Darren from DatingPriceGuide.co.uk takes us through the thoughts to keep in mind before your date and how to assess if your date went well.

Meeting offline is a sure fire way to take your connection to the next level. But before you meet up, there are things you can do to ensure the best date possible. We have covered a few less obvious, but very important factors for pre-date ideas and postdate thoughts.

Before the date…

Set up a good first impression

Okay, starting obvious but planning your first impression is vitally important. A token gift, arriving at the date early or finding a quiet spot are subtle ways to show thought and consideration. Also, take some time before the date to think about different questions to ask. Initiating a conversation is always a better choice and will make your partner feel more comfortable.

Don’t oversell yourself

Being humble and modest is an undervalued characteristic when it comes to dating. Research has shown that ego-boosting profiles are perceived as less attractive than modest profiles (you can find our best profile tips here). The same goes for when talking on a date, make sure you’re attentive to your date by asking questions to keep them engaged with the conversation.

After the date…

Share yourself

Did your date feel like an open book? The ability to put yourself ‘out there’ not only shows you feel at ease with your date but also sets you in a good light. If your date shared personal stories and asked in-depth questions, then you can be (95%) sure they’re interested in you and that the date went well. If you’re an open person, then judging your date’s reactions can tell a lot about how they felt the date went. Once you’ve built up a relationship, we’ve got the best questions to get to know your date.

Careful guys…

It has been proven that men tend to overestimate the interest a lady has in them. Play down the cockiness and don’t take the chance of a second date for granted! Self-confidence tends to increase during the date and also with the attractiveness of the date. At a basic, subconscious level, men treat romance like a house fire, they think “it’s better to risk a false alarm than to fail picking up on heat” which obviously isn’t always ideal.


One of the lesser talked about qualities and desirable characteristics is generosity. Now this will inevitably make you think about men paying for the first date. But we’re talking beyond that: treating staff favourably, keeping your date’s needs in mind and your overall willingness to give will be a major player in your dating success.

Preparing for a first date will no doubt bring up nervous feelings, but keeping in mind the above could help you move on to that all-important second date.

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