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Why have you closed my account?

There may be several reasons why your profile has been closed:

1. Your profile has been closed automatically as soon as you have created it

  • It is likely that our services can't be reached from the location or connection you're using.
  • If you'd like to check, you can get in touch with our Customer Care 💌.


2. Your profile has been closed down due to your age

  • Match is only available to people over 18. We then close accounts opened by people who appear to be younger than that. 
  • If necessary, please contact Customer Care 💌 to reopen your profile. You'll need to show them something that proves your age, like your passport or driving license.


3.Your profile has been closed down due to bad behaviour report

  • We want Match to be a safe, fun place for everyone, which is why every Match profile has to comply with our Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. If it doesn't, our moderation team may close it.
  • Take a look at these two links to find out what we expect from you in terms of content for your profile, your behavior on our site and how to communicate with other singles: Terms and ConditionsCode of Conduct


4. Your profile has been closed for suspicious behaviour

  • Your profile can be closed automatically or manually for suspicious
  • If you think this is an error, please contact the Customer care team 💌.
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