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How can I see who has visited my profile?

Being able to see who has visited your profile is a feature only available to subscribers.
To find all the singles who have visited your profile in the last 3 months:

If you’re using Match on a computer, consult the Visits section at the top of the page.

A view means a single has looked at your profile or part of it from our different profile suggestion functionalities (e.g shuffle, discover, search) .

The counter 🧮 on the tab shows you in real-time how many new views your profile has had since you last checked; the number on the counter resets as soon as you click the tab.

You may notice a difference between the number of views received and the number of profiles in your connections. This could be because:

  1. Members have deleted their profile or been removed from the platform. If this is so, they will automatically disappear from all of your lists (inbox, likes, etc.)
  2. Even if a member views your profile several times, they will only appear once in the list of people who have viewed your profile.

Mobile and App

  • You will find your visits in the Me section, select the dedicated pictogram 👥
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