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How do photos work on Match?

Photos are a great way to let people see your smile 😃.
And managing your photos carefully can help you get more attention!

  • To add a photo 📸: Go to Edit my profile > click add a new photo or + and follow the simple instructions.
  • To delete a photo: Select the photo > click the 🗑️and it's gone forever.
  • You can change your main photo whenever you like: Go to Edit my profile > Select the photo you want and then click Use as my profile photo.
    Or click here.

! You must always have at least one photo displayed on your profile for other singles to view. If you have one photo left and you want to delete it, you must upload a new photo first.

Mobile and APP

Changes are made in the Me section > Edit my profile.

  • Click Change my photos > ‘…'
  • Click Delete or if you want to change your main photo Set as profile photo.
    Or click here.
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