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On what services is my profile visible?

Your profile created on Match is visible to users registered on Match and its local variants operated under different brand names identified here under the heading ‘Our European dating brands‘. This enables a user living close to a country border to meet up with a user of the local variant of the service in the neighboring country. These services are functionally identical and use the same centralized platform hosted in France.

We also provide services dedicated specific to certain categories of singles. One of these services, Ourtime (and its local variants DisonsDemain and Zweisam) is dedicated to 50+ year olds singles. Your profile can be visible on these services if you're part of categories of singles they address and you consented to it. If this is the case but you no longer want your profile to be visible to them, simply disable the corresponding settings in the ‘My Account settings' page.

Please note that profiles of people registered on these general services may be shown to you if their own account settings allow it.

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