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Frequently asked questions

How do messages work?

Every Match relationship starts with a message

So go on, don't be shy. Just click on the blue 🗨️ on a member's mini-profile in the search results or under the 📷 of their profile to start chatting.

  • If you want to read your messages, simply click Messages at the top of any Match page.
    ! You usually need a subscription to read or send messages. Without one, you can still communicate freely with singles who have chosen the Connect upgrade (you'll see a 👑 on their profile).

A subscription unlocks the full Match experience and makes it easier for you to find someone special.
If you are using a computer click here.
If you are using mobile click here.

How to find your conversation history

  • If you want to relive a conversation, just click Messages > Click the username of the person you shared that moment with.
    ! Just keep in mind that messages are deleted after 12 months.
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