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Frequently asked questions

I have a subscription. Why can't I read or reply to messages?

You are not getting any replies to your messages

If your messages have been sent, there are several reasons someone may not respond:

  • Members have not logged in and so have not seen your message.
  • They don’t have a subscription, which is necessary to read and reply.
  • They read your message, but they don’t want to reply. Please remember this is their choice and move on. There are always new people to discover on Match.

To maximize your chances of getting a reply, don’t forget to complete your profile > If you need any tips, just ask Lara, our dating coach.


You have a subscription but can’t read or send emails

As soon as you take out a subscription, you should be able to send and read messages. There are four possible causes if this isn’t working as it should:

  • Your subscription has not been recognised by our system➔ simply disconnect and reconnect.
  • Your payment method is no longer valid. Your subscription has expired but has not been renewed because your payment method is not up to date.
  • Your subscription was taken out on another profile. You may have created several profiles and you are connecting on a profile without a subscription-. (We kindly remind you that having several profiles is forbidden.)
  • Your subscription was taken out on one of our other services, Affiny or OurTime and not on Match.
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