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Frequently asked questions

Help! I can't register.

There are some common reasons you might have problems logging in 😬

1. You get a message saying your email address is already in use

  • You can only link an email address to a single Match account.
    ➔ If you already have a Match profile, you need to delete it before you can create a new one with the same email address.
  • Log into your old account, and go to my account settings > suspend my account > To delete your account, click here.
    Or click here.

2. Your password isn't accepted

We want Match accounts to be secure, so your password will need to be :

  • at least eight characters long
  • include both upper and lower case letters
  • include a number.
  • eg : Match2022@

➔ Your password cannot be the same as your user name.
➔ Remember to never give your login information to anyone else, even if you know them.
➔ Your password must be unique! Never use the same password on multiple websites.

3. You can't access your account from overseas

  • You can access your Match account from almost anywhere in the world ✈️, but there are some countries in which this isn't possible.
    Enjoy your trip and your profile will be waiting for you when you get home!
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