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I have spotted a profile which looks dodgy. What can I do?

If you have any doubts about a member, you can report it to the moderation team.
Your safety is our priority, and we work hard to stop any suspicious profile or behavior and scammers attempting to use our services.

To report a member:

  • At the top-right of their profile or conversation window click > the three dots menu ‘…' > Report this person.
    All reports are, of course, confidential.

We'll deal with your report as quickly as possible. Just bear in mind that we won't be able to share details of any actions taken, due to confidentiality.
➔ Please remember you may also contact the police to make a complaint, and we'll be ready to cooperate with the relevant authorities if they contact us.

Match puts the safety of its users at the center of its concerns, which is why you will find a dedicated space with many tips, click here.

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