So you got a first date. Awesome! But we want you to rock that date with confidence and not spend the whole evening worrying about whether or not she fancies you. So how can you tell? Look for these 3 body language give-aways.

1. Check out her feet.

Eye’s aren’t the gateway to the soul, our feet are. Because they’re the furthest part of our bodies, we don’t consciously control them in the same way we control our face, so they’re really going to give away how she really feels about you. Look where her feet are pointing. If you’re having dinner, chuck a fork on the floor (accidently!) and have a look at her toes, if they’re pointing towards you, that’s a great sign that it’s you she’s interested in. if they’re pointing out the door, it might be time to reel her in with some better banter.

2. Keep an eye on her hair

Look what she’s doing with her hair. If she’s playing with it, it’s a good sign she wants to look her best for you, mixed with some nerves.

3. Look at those lips

If she’s thinking about kissing you, she won’t be able to stop touching her own mouth because when we think about kissing, our brain sends blood to our lips which makes them feel tingly. When she starts touching her lips, that’s the moment to lean in for a snog!

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