Games and sports - London - Price from 7£
Pool extravaganza
Games and sports - London - Price from 12£
Meet singles and enjoy our Bowling Night!
Special events - Northampton - Price from 7£
Summer of Love party
Dance - London - Price from 12£
Salsa Night filled with singles!
Special events - London - Price from 17£
Speedy Dating and Plenty of Fun
Nights - Oxford - Free when you register
A night filled with summer, so much fun and singles!
Nights - London - Free when you register
Mingle night with Londons cutest singles!
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3 good reasons to attend an event
1 in every 2 people say they met someone at an event
Lots of singles
You can invite up to 3 friends
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Had a really good night, looking forward to many more.
I actually met a potential boyfriend at my first one.
Very good venue and a separate room for the match attendees always helps. Would definitely go to another event.
More Match nights please.
I like to meet people face to face so this was a great opportunity to do so. Thank you!
A Superb evening! Very well hosted and held in a great venue. Would definitely attend another.
These nights are great. Well done team, cant wait for the next one.
A great way to get back into dating.
Amazing night, fantastic venue, relaxed atmosphere, would definitely recommend it and gladly go again.
It was a really enjoyable experience and everyone was genuine and friendly.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and match should definitely arrange more nights like this in Cambridge!!
There was something liberating about knowing everyone there was single. It made the decision to approach that much easier.
It was almost perfect to be frank.
These nights are great. Can't wait for the next one.
Absolutely brilliant!
It was great to be able to chat to anyone I saw without worrying if they had a girlfriend!
Good turn out and good age range.
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    6 things you probably didn’t know about Match Events

    Everyone has heard about Match Events but no one really knows what they are all about. Do you want to take the plunge and attend? Here is all you need to know before you go!

    1 – There is always an Event just around the corner…

    … well, we mean that on average it only takes  45 minutes to get to an Event (or 15 if are like Ryan Gosling in Drive). 

    2 – You can bring your squad along

    Are you and your mates as thick as thieves? Then bring them with you! It’s a win-win situation: you’re guaranteed to have a great time and they don’t feel left out.

    3 – Nothing beats a Match Event

    Have you been on a night out where the party was already in full swing by half 8? No?! You need to attend a Match Night. Finally, a party where you do not have to wait until 1 in the morning and pay for 8 cocktails to have a good time. Interested? (link to afterwork quiz)

    4 – Want to meet other singles? You have come to the right place

    Forget dinner at a friend’s and office parties…Match Events are the best place to meet other singles (with no couples in sight).

    5 – It is easy to break the ice

    The Match team always has a few surprises in store to help kick start the evening and help everyone get to know each other. Forget your cheesy pick-up lines, you can now get talking to that pretty/handsome single across the room without making a fool of yourself.

    6 – Your favourite bar might already hosting Match Events

    Match Events are private events that, from the outside, look just like any other party. It may be that your favourite bar or restaurant is a host venue, so make sure you’re not missing out!


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