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5 reasons why dating a messy girl can actually be a GOOD thing

5 reasons why dating a messy girl can actually be a GOOD thing

Are you messy or clean? We usually split into one of these camps and can sometimes experience the extremes of each end. It is usually thought that being clean is best, but studies have shown messy people are highly creative. More than that, there are actually quite a few benefits of being messy or having a messy partner. So if you’ve got a messy girl, read below and by the end we’re sure you’ll be embracing her messy imperfections.

They’re full of creativity

Messy desks encourages creative minds by helping them try new things. The messiest of people are the ones to discover all the life hacks whilst they try to navigate their lives through boxes and piles of clothes. Has she ever introduced you to a bath mat compiled of unwashed clothes? Genius. They’re going to get cleaned soon anyway…

You get to be messy too

You’ll not need to worry about leaving the kettle in the exact spot you found it in or remembering to hoover up crumbs as you go. This kind of environment is more enjoyable and allows you to feel more at home – ideal when in the beginnings of a relationship. You can relax at her house without fear of an OCD Monica snapping at you.

She’s following in the footsteps of greatness

Heard of the genius Einstein? He apparently had the messiest of all desks, evident in the last snap of his office before he passed away. But he’s not alone, others like modern day inspiration Mark Zuckerberg also shy away from the filing section. If you’ve got a messy girl, you’re probably onto a winner.

They focus on things that really matter

While tidy people might dedicate a chunk of their weekend to getting their home in ship shape, messy girls are busy living their lives. If we think about it, the opportunity cost of spending our time tidying unnecessarily instead of perhaps spending time with loved ones is substantial. We should all take a leaf out of their book and enjoy life. After all, it is not in our nature to be tidy.

They find stuff faster

Ever find yourself searching around for something for ages? Well, tidying up actually makes it more difficult to find your things compared to leaving them wherever you like. Messy people surprisingly know where to look for things in their rubble. This means the morning rush will run a little bit smoother and you’ll be out the door quicker!

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