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First Date Ideas: Make it Perfect

Pierre, 19 October 2022
First Date Ideas: Make it Perfect

What To Do on a First Date

First dates are always nerve-racking no matter who you are, how long you’ve been dating or who the date is with. What can cause even more anxiety is coming up with first date ideas where to go and what to do on a first date and at what time? As a rule of thumb, many like to keep the first date short but sweet. Instead of dinner, opt for drinks. Instead of brunch, try coffee and a croissant. This gives you both a chance to test the water, catch the vibe and then, if a connection seems to be there, you’re both left wanting more and thinking about each other until the second date.

First Date Tips

From morning till noon till night, we’ve got you covered when it comes to first date ideas and tips.

First, let’s decide on a time. If you’re both early risers with early work times, perhaps an 8:30 or 9am coffee feels right. If your date is on a Sunday, maybe a nice afternoon walk and hot chocolate are in order. If you fancy an after work evening date, then pre-drinks before dinner with friends can be the best “taster” and, therefore, a great first date! You get a sense of each other’s personalities and then can discuss with friends privately over dinner later (although your date doesn’t need to know that just yet!). Depending on the time of your date, here are some ideas…

Morning Date Ideas

8:30-11am: Coffee and a croissant at a local, independent coffee store

Independent coffee stores are always far more charming than chains. They add a personal and unique touch to the date, not to mention it protects your psyche if the date doesn’t go as planned – it’s easier to avoid one independent than cringe every time you see a Starbucks. On the flip side, if things do go well, that independent shop can be your special place, and you’re safe in knowing that nowhere else looks the same.

Lunchtime Date Ideas

12-2pm: A light lunch and/or walk

If you’re meeting during a work break or on a relaxing Sunday, a light sandwich, salad or soup type of lunch can be a great way to get to know each other and talk about each other’s interests. Alternatively, you could just meet for an hour or two and walk in the park. Got a dog? Bring them along! They’re often great conversation starters. There’s also something about immersing yourself in nature that can put any nerves at ease and allow the conversation to flow better.

2-5pm: Drinks at the pub

An afternoon beer at the pub can create a perfectly casual setting that eases the pressure of the usual first date nerves. No one needs to dress up too much or put their lipstick on, which creates a very homely and comfortable environment. There is also something about this time frame which allows the both of you to talk about evening and weekend plans and, therefore, get to know each other’s interests. Ideal for shyer or mellow matches who just want to chat and feel out the vibe.

Evening Date Ideas

6-9pm: Cocktails at the bar

This is a great time of day to meet your date pre or post dinner with friends. There is also something hopelessly romantic about cocktails and a charming bar interior – not to mention, the evening lighting is flattering! Evening dates always seem to have a little more of a sensual undertone, if that’s what you’re looking for. Choosing somewhere that you know plays good music also helps. This time frame and setting also requires clothing that isn’t too dressy but also not too casual, which can help boost confidence if you feel like dressing up a little will make you feel less nervous.

Overall, no matter where or what time your first date takes place, remember to arrive on time and to listen intently to your special someone. Creating a safe space where each party feels listened to will allow for effortless conversation where romance can thrive. Remember, these are just our first date tips and they don’t have to be set in stone. If your date is going super well and you both seem to feel so, stay for a meal or another drink! Play it by ear and enjoy yourselves.

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