Liz & Joe

Why did you decide to join Match?

Liz: I had previously joined Match a year or two before with no luck and ventured off onto other dating apps which never seemed to bring along anyone looking for anything serious. I decided to re-sign up to Match for one last shot at online dating and wouldn’t you know it, I got chatting to Joe a week later. Another week after that, we met for our first date.

Joe: I tried some different dating apps and found they weren’t working so decided to give Match a try after seeing it advertised on television.

How long were you a member on Match?

Liz: I was on Match for a week before meeting Joe.

Joe: I was a member for about 8 months before meeting Liz.

How did the first date go?

Liz: Really well, although Joe ran half an hour late so the thoughts of being stood up did pass over my mind. We could barely eat our burgers through nerves (which is saying something trust me). We wanted to keep the date going so went on an epic walk just in order to keep talking. My family were messaging me in the end to check I was ok as we had been so long.

Joe: Nervous to start off with but then we quickly became comfortable with each other. It felt like we had known each other for ages.

When did you meet up again after that?

Liz: We met up two days later where Joe cooked me dinner. We then spent the weekend together, eating Chinese food and exploring the local areas.

Joe: Two days later – I cooked her a meal and we watched a movie.

What do you have planned for the future?

Liz: We moved in together after 8 months and couldn’t be happier. For now, the future holds a holiday together and hopefully many more years of happiness.

Joe: Going to Disney world together this year and I am confident we will have many more years together.