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    Real blogger Leigh: My match journey begins…

    In line with my new-found spiritual enlightenment and quest to be authentic in my search for my ideal guy, I hesitantly signed up to I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, instead drop-kicking the news into a girly liquid lunch one afternoon.
    “No, don’t do it, it’s just for desperados” and “Black girls are never successful at these things” rang in my ears as I logged on again that evening. Perhaps they were right, but my number of views and messages increased considerably daily.
    I found that approaching Match almost tongue-in-cheek has been has been the way forward for me; Guys naming themselves after foods i.e. chocolate, caramel, coffee, spicy etc. always brings a wry smile to my face – and why are they always “athletic and toned”?, yes, maybe you were in your sepia-toned picture from 1987…

    I’ve also come across profiles that have had me in stitches, a man spooning his bulldog, the dog quite rightly looking perplexed, another guy with a massive piece of food in his teeth, and one with a guy doing nothing but handstands in random places. So, maybe it IS best to have your friends screen these things first.

    I’ve recently met one special person on Match, he winked, then I winked then…it could’ve been a never ending circle, but yes, he emailed me and we got talking. He has taken me on several wonderful dates, and whilst at times I sit there incredulous that I could meet such a man on a dating site, we are enjoying each other’s company and I’m optimistic about what may happen between us in the future

    My closing thoughts are, that Match is for everyone, there really is a chance you’ll find someone special whether you’re black, white, have a love of handstands, enjoy spooning your bulldog or have just forgotten to brush your teeth!
    Leigh x

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