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    Real blogger Laura: Getting Started

    First-time online dater Laura is looking for her Mr Right after coming out of a long term relationship. She lives in South London with a group of friends, and can make the most fantastic salads in the world!

    Like most people, I felt quite nervous setting up my profile. The idea of deciding which of my attributes I want promoted or not was quite intimidating. Would selecting to have my pint-sized height of 5ft displayed on my profile put people off at one glance? And this is before I even came to selecting pictures…

    Working out what to write for my headline and ad was the most difficult part. I had all sorts of conflicting advice from friends who have previously done online dating as to how 'funny' or 'safe' I should keep my profile. I wanted to keep it brief and to the point, but include at least one interesting fact about myself which could create a talking point. Ironically, as a PR professional, I found the whole experience of having to PR myself quite tricky.

    However, once I got over the initial fear of putting myself out there and online, I got over my worries. So what if someone is put off by the number of times I visit the gym each week or whether or not I like my job? If someone is so easily deterred by one tiny aspect of my profile then perhaps they are not the open-minded kind of person I want to be engaging with any way.

    I've only been on for a few weeks and for half of that I was on holiday, so I don't feel that I have truly thrown myself into it yet. I've done lots of winking and a fair bit of messaging – so now the next step is saying yes and going on a date!

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