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    3. Online dating (with a recruitment analogy!)

    Over the last week or so I’ve made a serious effort to spend more time on and the rewards so far have certainly proved that the more effort you put in, the more you are likely to get out of it. The number of views and winks I’ve received have increased dramatically and this is because I’m more active on the dating site and thus appear more frequently in search results.
    I’ve been exchanging a few messages over the last week with a female member on the site and so far the communication we have had has been very positive. I was the one that initiated the contact in this instance, I took the time to read her profile fully and made sure that the message I sent her was interesting, asked questions and highlighted areas we had in common.
    I feel this is a key area of online dating that a lot of people fail to see the importance of. Taking the time to read a profile fully and then tailoring a message based on that information really makes your messages stand out from a lot of the standard one liners that seem extremely common.
    I’ve recently come to the end of a career in the recruitment industry and I can relate certain aspects of recruitment to online dating. If I was going to make a sales call, I wouldn’t just pick up the phone and blindly call a potential client without knowing anything about them. I’d spend a bit of time researching who they are and what they do and then when I spoke to the person, I’d have something in common to talk about.
    Not every sales call I made would conclude with a positive outcome, in fact the ratio of positive to negative outcomes was about 1 in 50. However, I knew that with perseverance, that 1 elusive positive outcome would make it all worthwhile.
    It’s the same with online dating, you might send several messages and not get a reply, but then when that 1 person does reply, it makes it all worthwhile.
    Dating is a time consuming and sometimes disheartening process, there’s no denying that. For people that work full-time and have active social lives, it is difficult to fit the time in to your day to dedicate to online dating. However, if you are serious about meeting new people, you have to try and find the time and persevere. It’s highly unlikely that the girl of your dreams is going to just fall into your lap so you’re going to have to make the effort.
    I would love to hear from fellow members about your experiences with online dating, I’m relatively new to the whole thing so I’m sure the guys and girls on here can offer me some advice! You can follow me on twitter @singleginger I’d love to hear from you!

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