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Embrace your imperfections

Embrace your imperfections

When you’re using online dating, constructing the perfect profile & arranging that all important date sometimes your mind can’t help but wonder… What will my date think of my imperfections?


Yes, we all have them. Maybe you like to eat dessert before the main course, know all the words to every Meatloaf song or have a belly that is more washing machine than wash board? The magazines would have you believe that perfection is everywhere but this is not the case. No-one is perfect & the imperfections you may not love will be the thing that makes someone fall head over heels for you.

So if you can’t change your imperfections then why not embrace them? Take me for example. I have a really loud and suggestive laugh…imagine if Barbara Windsor and Eddie Murphy had a love child. Yep that’s my laugh. But instead of laughing behind my hands or being embarrassed about it – I embrace it & laugh out loud.  There’s no shame in my game. My laugh is loud & fabulous! Any man who thinks my laugh is too much is not the right guy for me.

What about you?

So you’re obsessed with taking pictures of everything that you eat or maybe you really do know all the words to every Meatloaf song? Put it on your dating profile! These are bragging rights! No-one can take a picture of a cheese and ham toastie using the Valencia filter better than you.  Who else had 169 likes for that same toastie and re-tweet from a cheese brand? And as for love you know exactly what you want…. You know you’d do anything for love but you won’t do that!

Take my word for it your imperfections are fantastic and it’s what makes your personality & dating profile go from one dimensional to real. Not everyone will love your imperfections but as long as you embrace them & be confident then your uniqueness cannot fail to shine through.

Love your imperfections and be yourself…. after all, everyone else is taken.

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