The Effects of Physical Fitness on Dating

Dating is a fun and great way to get to know different types of people, and to figure out what we like and desire in a long term relationship.

Most of us date people that we are physically attracted to and want to spend more time with – whether that means a nice broad chest, long legs, or ample child-bearing hips. Regardless of the specific body type that you like, a generally ‘fit’ body (do not get this confused with skinny) is often desired.

Why are we attracted to physical fitness?


Personally, I like fit bodies because they look good naked! However, most people unconsciously liken somebody who is physically fit to somebody who loves themselves and takes care of themselves. This is important for a number of reasons:

1. People who take care of themselves typically have a higher self-esteem, and we all want to date somebody that loves themselves!

2. People who are more physically fit show that they love and care about themselves, which gives an indicator that they have the capacity to love you too!

3. People who are physically fit are more likely to have an established work/life balance. They work and make time for health and fitness, even if that just means walking for 30 minutes a day after dinner.

4. People who are more physically fit will make better life partners because they have taken care of themselves in their younger life. They are less likely to have age related diseases, which can make the quality of a couple’s life together much better

5. Last but not least, fit people are flexible, have more energy, and tend to have better sex! <<

From my experience, in the Black community exercise has not always been at the forefront of our activities, but with the rise of processed foods, hypertension and diabetes, we need to think more about fitness for ourselves and choose partners that make physical fitness a lifestyle decision as well!

So while I love that baby face, somebody who tells me that they go to the gym just to stay heart-healthy makes me want date that person…and yes…the big, broad chest helps as well.

If you are choosing a partner based on the lifestyle that you will have with them in the future, physical fitness is always going to be a factor in dating. He doesn’t have to be Mr. Universe with a six pack, but the fact that he puts his health first means that he may be a better choice for the long haul! That is who I would chose when dating.