Cat puns: hilarious, but only acceptable on International Cat Day.

Everyone loves a so-bad-it’s-good, eye-roll-inducing pun. Your date is no exception. Whether you’ve been dating for a while or if this is just a cheeky icebreaker, you should at least be able to extort a small, humorous exhale from the person you’re interested in with our pawsome puns below:

1. Hey Jamie, how’s your international cat day going? Yeah, fur real, it’s a thing.

2. Would you find it catastrophic or hissterical if I were to send pawfect puns your way on international cat day?

3. Hi Camilla. Is this a good mewment to let you know that today is international cat day? Don’t worry, I’m also a huge canine fan. Is that your dog smiling in that photo?

4. Should we go for a drink tonight at 8? My friend told me about his meowvelous-sounding new bar. It’s open late for international cat day. It might also be a cat cafe…

5. I’d be lion if I said I was sure you’d be celebrating international cat day today. Was that exhibition you said you were going to on Caturday any good?

BONUS: Is it too late to say that i’m pawwry for sending you side-splitting feline puns on international cat day?

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