20 Signs you’re too busy to find love

Is love last on your to-do list?

One of the strange things about being single is that, ironically, you never seem to have any time to yourself. If you’re not giving your all to your job and colleagues, you’re being social secretary for your pals or chief problem-solver for your family.
Take Florence, a 33-year-old City worker, as a case in point. She’d like to find love but finds it hard to set aside time to do so. As she reveals in a new advert for match.com: ‘My job keeps me quite busy, I just wish there were more hours in the day. It becomes quite difficult to meet someone new.’ And chances are, she’s not alone. Do you fit into the ‘too busy to find love’ category too? See if any of these signs ring true…

1) You turn down a blind date because Wednesday’s the only night you’ve got to do your laundry.

2) You don’t talk to anyone new at your friend’s party because you’ve got to hot-foot it across town to another shindig – where you don’t talk to anyone new either.

3) Everyone complains about not seeing you enough.

4) The hottie checking you out in spinning doesn’t get a look-in after class because you’re zooming off to Zumba.

5) A colleague sends you a mildly flirty email but by the time you get around to replying you get their out-of-office.

6) You can’t get chatting to anyone while on your morning jog because you’re memorising a presentation and exercising the dog at the same time.

7) Your Outlook is continually abuzz with reminders and your iPhone calendar looks like it has chicken pox.

8) Your friend books you in for dinner two months in advance as he/she knows you won’t have a window free ‘til then.

9) Speed dating is not a novelty to you – every date you’ve ever had has been speedy.

10) You can’t remember the last time you did something totally and utterly spontaneous.

11) Your fridge has nothing in it apart from half a shrivelled lemon and some ready meals.

12) If you do go on a date, they assume you’re letting them down gently when you suggest your next meeting should be for a coffee two weeks on Saturday.

13) Your desk at work is like your mini-universe, complete with a full set of toiletries, snacks, exercise gear, and three pairs of shoes.

14) You’ve booked off all your annual leave for next year already.

15) Your CV is three pages long and is heaving with all your job titles, not to mention all your extra curricular responsibilities e.g. running club treasurer and Rock Choir secretary.

16) Your mum’s been waiting 10 years to introduce you to the ‘gorgeous’ single next door neighbour.

17) You wonder how, if you were to find love, you could possibly fit in a relationship into your packed schedule.

18) You’re on speed dial for most of your friends and family, who’ve always been able to rely on you to help them out of a fix.

19) No chance of a holiday romance for you, because you’re whipping through the Lonely Planet’s must-sees like there’s no tomorrow.

20) A former fling has contacted you every year for the past four suggesting a reunion but you’ve still not managed to reply.