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10 Signs That You’re Dating A Princess

Laura, 7 January 2020
10 Signs That You’re Dating A Princess

Are you dating a princess? Unfortunately, not the might-be-holed-up-in-a-castle, warm-hearted, generous and empathetic type… If your date is displaying more than a few of the signs below – you might do well to tread carefully. Read on to discover the tell-tale indicators:

1. She expects you to pay for everything

There’s nothing wrong with treating your date, but there should be a clear distinction between what you’re happy to reasonably pay for, and things you should split the cost on.

2. …but never gives you anything

Relationships are all about giving and receiving, and it’s the thought that counts. If the person you’re dating never makes the effort, you might want to reconsider things.

3. “But I hate him/her/your dog”

Yes, the aim of dating is to meet your ideal match. But it’s unlikely and unreasonable to expect your date to love every other aspect of your life. You should expect your date to be mature and at least respect things you love that they don’t.

4. She talks to different people very differently

If your date is all charm and smiles while chatting to a doctor friend you’ve introduced her to, but transforms when speaking to a nurse or waiter, it could be a worrying sign of self-importance and selfishness.

5. Her mood flips depending if she wants something

Having ups and downs is normal. If you date becomes especially affectionate only when they want something, or infuriated when something trivial doesn’t go their way, that’s a warning sign of someone who can’t compromise.

6. “I’m sorry you feel that way”

Empathy is a vital part of any relationship. If your date just cannot fathom why you might feel a certain way and prefers to either argue it out to the bitter end or is “sorry you feel that way”, alarm bells should start ringing.

7. Your plans get easily replaced

If you’re dating someone who seems to constantly switch out what you’ve planned for their own schedule or ideas, that person simply doesn’t respect you or your time.

8. The person you’re dating gets angry quickly and easily

Sometimes it’s appropriate to be angry, but more often it’s not. Being angry rarely solves any complex issue, and people who get angry often are usually the same people who expect to be right – even when they’re not – in every situation.

9. She’s overly attached to her parents or friends

Strong and healthy relationships with family and friends are a good sign, but being completely emotionally dependent on them isn’t. The problem is that often these people don’t hear the full story, so it’s hard for them to be objective. If at the slightest sign of a disagreement the person you’re dating runs to bawl or vent on the shoulder of their go-to emotional support, that’s a sign they’re not willing to stand on their own two feet.

10. If they give you the ‘silent treatment’

Purposefully and intentionally punishing someone you’re in a relationship isn’t emotionally healthy. It’s the sign of someone who probably finds it very hard to forgive or forget.

If you think you might be dating a princess, first find out if it could simply be down to dating miscommunication. Then check out how to eliminate game playing in dating, discover more advice from our expert dating blog or it could be time to start dating afresh!

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