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    David and Joanne

    When did you meet?
    We met in July 2019 after talking to each other on Match for a short time. We instantly clicked and after chatting for a little bit decided that we had to meet up.
    What aspect of their Match profile did you find most attractive or interesting?
    Everything to be honest. When we were talking we found out that all of the things that Jo had put down on her profile mixed perfectly with my interests and vice versa, now we share each other’s passions and try new things together.
    Do you have any plans together as a couple (holidays, moving in, commitment…)
    We are engaged and getting married in June 2021, we’ve bought our house together and a Dog as well and hopefully look to be starting family very soon.
    What are the cute little things you do for each other on a daily basis?
    Making each other morning cups of tea to make sure day starts of well and we start each day off with a chat still curled up together. We take the dog on walks together everyday hand in hand and it’s become our afternoon ritual.
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