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    Sheffield Dating Site – Meet Sheffield Singles for Straight or Gay Dating in Sheffield

    Whether you’re gay or straight, if you’re single, based in Sheffield and looking to date, Match can help not only find local dates but also aids in criteria searching for particular interests, from art to music and other personal passions. Once you have found an ideal match you share interests with, there are many straight and gay dating Sheffield romance opportunities, from cinema and museum visits to long country walks or an elegant evening at a cocktail bar.

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    Date Ideas in Sheffield

    The beauty of dating in Sheffield is that it can be as diverse or as niche as you like in offering a mixture of landscapes. Once you register your account, sexual preference and location with Match, you’ll be the first to hear about the widely popular Match nights and socials in your area. In the meantime, listed below are several date ideas perfect for a variety of experiences with a fellow Sheffield single.


    Arguably, music and food are the two most universal interests. Few things can bond a potential romantic couple more than discovering a new music artist together and sharing in a live experience. Even if you’re both into different genres, the Venn diagram can overlap over wine, pizza and a new band.

    • Foundry

    Frequently hosting drag nights that have previously featured stars like Jujubee, Bimini and Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney, the centrally located bar lists an array of exciting evenings on various event websites, so book your ticket and get ready to kiki!

    • Dove & Rainbow

    Regular live music gives way to an eclectic and warm clientele adorned in piercings and tattoos. For lovers of leather by night and off-piste office workers sneaking a pint before the hours of darkness.


    A cinema or museum trip is particularly great for those who may sit on the shyer side of the fence. Absorbing culture while watching a film or walking through an exhibition allows for some silence, reflection and introspection. It also provides a great conversation starting point for that chat over coffee post-movie or show.

    • Millennium Gallery

    Sheffield’s premier destination for art, craft and design, the Millennium Gallery attracts a diverse and artistic crowd from all walks of life. From exhibitions on Ancient Egypt to modern photography, soak in the culture and grab a bite to eat with your date in the cafe post-exhibit.

    • Graves Gallery

    Graves Gallery is home to the works of Cezanne, Burne-Jones, Turner, Bridget Riley and Damien Hirst. Who could ask for a more romantic setting! Erotic statues and religious paintings from the Middle Ages adorn the halls.

    • Showroom Cinema

    A retro cinema in the city centre which shows arthouse, vintage and foreign films. Hold hands while watching Moonlight or an Almodóvar flick from the ’90s as you get nostalgic and romantic over a box of popcorn.


    Despite being a city, Sheffield offers an array of natural beauty. Dates in nature can get creative, from botanical gardens to outdoor exhibitions. So pack your flask and take in the fresh air.

    • Endcliffe Park

    The park was opened in 1887 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria and is home to parkland, statues, trails and a cafe, allowing for a perfect balance of relaxation and interaction to make for an adorable date.

    • The Botanical Gardens

    Located in a lovely area of Sheffield, the Botanical Gardens are probably best accessed from Ecclesall Road, the gardens showcase a beautiful oasis of well-maintained gardens, exotic plants, calming water features, local wildlife and, of course, the bear pit.

    • Sheffield Winter Gardens

    Sheffield’s answer to Kew Gardens, the Winter Gardens are located in a beautifully constructed and enormous greenhouse which hosts tropical plants and a breathtaking sense of calm for you to enjoy comfortably with your date.


    Bonding over dance is great for all types of people! In the LGBTQ+ community, music can play a particularly paramount role in self-expression and self-acceptance. Dancing with your date to your favourite tunes at a gay bar is a great way to bond over a shared love of music, movement and feeling alive. Not to mention that dancing is also an opportunity to experiment with intimacy in a way that’s friendly, exciting and unbelievably romantic.

    • Dempseys Bar and Club

    The beer is cheap and the tunes are iconic. Expect to encounter queer men of all ages in and out of drag for a full-on night of fun. What’s great about Dempseys is that it sits in between a bar and club, so you can still order dinner and make it a chill one, or you can dance the night away, which leaves an openness to your evening date.

    • Queer Junction

    A new venue, opened in 2018, the Junction describes itself as “independent operators who wish to create an inclusive safe space for the LGBT community and their friends”. Bringing its own funky graffiti look and TARDIS, Queer Junction is open seven days a week until 6.30 a.m. and features DJs, outdoor seating and friendly bar staff.

    Casual Restaurants

    Ah, the dinner date! Arguably the most popular of all the date categories. However, the struggle early on can be finding the perfect balance between smart and casual. A setting that feels too posh can be awkward and intimidating, but a fast-food chain equally does not allow for comfortable conversation to flow. Here are some picks that perfectly strike that balance:

    • Bloo 88

    Chat and open up over delicious two-for-one pizzas and selected cocktails at Bloo 88. They also host live music in the evenings for an extra touch of romance.

    • Tamper

    The perfect coffee date spot, Tamper’s interior is trendy and industrial with wood, brick and metal decor creating a modern yet warm environment. Ideal for a first date.

    • Picture House Social

    Two words: pool and pizza. Tropical and colourful yet chic and sensual, Picture House Social sets up the perfect environment to build a playful and romantic connection. Flirt over pool and open up over pizza to develop a rounded relationship.

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