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10 signs you’re about to get dumped

10 signs you're about to get dumped

Is your partner about to break up with you?
Are you worried your relationship isn’t going as smoothly as it once was? It could be that you’re being paranoid, or it could be that you’re being perceptive. Here are the signs it’s the latter…

1. Planning panic
Once, it was all about buying two tickets for an upcoming gig, booking two flights for your summer holiday. Suddenly though, ‘we’ plans have become ‘me’ plans. Instead of getting excited about that summer festival with you, your partner decides to make it a college reunion, for example. Not planning ahead as a couple is a flashing neon sign someone’s not thinking ahead as a couple either.

2. Celebrating single
When you first got together, your partner felt slightly sorry for singletons not caught up in a cocoon of love. Now, these people have become idols. They talk wistfully of all the plans they had to travel or live recklessly, get jealous about their single mates’s nights out, and speak of how settling down is overrated.
3. Let’s get critical
You know you’re not perfect, but it never used to matter – your partner thought you were. Nothing you did, said or wore could ever be wrong. Until now. If you’ve noticed your partner finding fault with every little thing you do recently, they could subconsciously be criticising the whole relationship.

4. Speaking without words
It’s not only words that can talk volumes, actions can too. Experts say the two key deal-breakers are your partner sitting with their feet facing towards the door – showing their looking for a quick exit – or their eyes narrowing when they see you, an instinctive reaction to seeing something they don’t like.

5. Busy bail-out
Everyone leads busy lives and it’s inevitable plans get cancelled from time to time. But when this becomes a regular thing, you’re in trouble. If your partner suddenly starts working late every day, meeting friends you’ve never even heard of, or developing a new obsession with the gym, they’re basically stating they’d rather spend time anywhere but by your side.
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6. Sending a signal
Most couples naturally fall into a pattern of communication: a morning text, a few work-time emails and a goodnight phone call. A slight shift in this is normal, but a complete turnaround should ring loud alarm bells. Have your texts been slashed to one a day? Are they always instigated by you? Does a reply only arrive a day later? The message they’re actually sending is that the relationship is doomed.

7. A touchy subject
It’s natural and normal that the initial rush of passion fades as a relationship moves on, but if it fades away completely, it’s time to panic. You partner might offer their cheek for a goodbye kiss, or they naturally put their hands in their pockets instead of reaching out for yours. They’re physically distancing themselves from you as a prelude to distancing themselves completely.

8. Mate meltdown
You’ve always got on with your partner’s friends, but recently they seem cold towards you. They avoid eye contact and give knowing looks to your partner. In essence, they know your partner’s doubts and are paving the way for when you’re cut out of their social circle. Sadly their loyalty will always lie with who knew them first.

9. Looking good?
Trainers are suddenly swapped for brogues, jeans make way for a suit, no make-up becomes carefully applied eye-liner. It’d be nice to think your partner simply wants to keep the magic alive in your own relationship, but a sudden shift from scruffy to glamorous might mean they’re testing the market for when your relationship has come to an end.
10. For old times’ sake
Most people are creatures of habit, and couples especially are prone to having ‘their’ restaurant, ‘their’ favourite park or ‘their’ takeaway night. If your partner starts creating excuses to avoid places or rituals you thought were special, it’s probably a hint the relationship doesn’t mean the same to them as it did before.
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